Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop – Review

Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop - Review

A revolutionary and portable cooktop which provides its users with a remarkable culinary experience is the NuWave Precision Cooktop. Preparing tasty and healthy meals is now an easy task with the all new precision induction technology by NuWave PIC, which cooks almost twice as faster than other cooktops. This cooktop is an all-in-one solution for your cooking troubles as it is equipped with advanced features that increase its performance and make it worth the investment.



The Nuwave induction cooktop has other variants in the name of PIC 30101, PIC 14.5″ and PIC2 with grill. Another upgraded model is the PIC Titanium model which has a power rating of 1800 Watts. Another model with a power of 1800 Watts is the PIC Pro range. Nuwave also has a double burner cooktop called the Double Precision Induction Cooktop. All these models are technically reviewed so that you get an explicit opinion on which cooktop to buy.


The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is black in color. Unlike most cooktops it is round in shape with an angled control panel. It is portable, compact and is lighter then most other products in this category. The induction surface of this cooktop has several circular marking indicating where the cookware should be placed. The cookware should be in contact with the red circle for heating and you can use a pan of diameter upto 6 inches. Also keep in mind that only induction compatible cookwares can be used to cook on induction cooktops. The angled front panel makes it more convenient for a user to operate this induction cooktop.

The digital panel has a total of 12 buttons and an LED display right at centre. On both sides of this digital display screen buttons are distributed equally, closest being the buttons to increase and decrease temperature as well as set timing for the timer. There is a start button to start cooking and beside it is a pause/clear button which allows heating to be paused.

The three buttons below it and symmetrically on the other side of the control panel are used to control the temperature of cooktop. These buttons are Low, Medium Low, Medium, Medium High, High and Maximum/Sear from left to right. To left of the digital screen the other two buttons are for programming the device and setting its timer.

Cook variety dishes

This programmable induction cooktop is quite versatile, it can be used for a variety of cooking needs including cooking rice to outdoor grilling as well as deep frying. It can also be programmed to cook slowly and keep the food warm. As it is twice as fast as most other cooktops cooking can be completed faster.

The cooktop surface has a cookware dimension of 9″. Pots or pans with a dimension of 9″ can be used for cooking. Even a little more sized utensils can be compromised for cooking, as the heat is distributed to the surface equally.

The six preset temperature settings along with a maximum temperature of 575 degrees allow to set cooking temperature easily according to one’s requirements. The temperature is incremented at an interval of 10 degrees making it easier to adjust temperature while cooking.

Energy efficient and portable

The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is a device based on remarkable and revolutionary technology, which is why it consumes only 1300 watts. Low power consumption is what makes this one of the most energy efficient cooktops as it conserves up to 90% energy. This device weighs only 7 pounds making it easy to lift to be used both indoors and outdoors. Only a power outlet is required to get this device operating. None of the burns and spills stick to this surface so cleaning the cooktop is quiet effortless. This device is safe since, there is no risk of fire as no coils or open flame is used for cooking.

Features and Specifications

  • Hi tech and compact design along with elegant features upgrades the functionality and appearance of your kitchen.
  • Allows cooking within limited time period as cooktop heats up quickly and comes with preset temperature settings.
  • This device is light in weight and the compact design makes it easy to carry for indoor as well as outdoor use.
  • Automatic shut-off feature makes this device safe along with the reduced risk of fire.
  • Saving on bills increase as less energy is consumed by this incredibly energy efficient cooktop.
  • It is versatile due to the wide range of temperature offered making it easier to prepare a wide variety of food.
  • Easy to clean as no spills and burns stick to the surface.


The temperature settings as well as precision heating are some of the cons of this NuWave cooktop as bigger cookware cannot be used on it and preset temperature settings might not be satisfactory. However, due to adjustable settings for temperature numerous buyers are purchasing cookware especially for this cooktop.

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Customer reviews and scores

More than 270 reviews of this amazing precision induction cooktop by NuWave have been provided by users who have been elated using this efficient and multifunctional cooktop. Numerous customers have considered this induction cooktop to be one of their best purchases due to the easy usability, temperature controls, portability and safety.

The precision heating technique makes it an incredibly efficient and safe device. It can cook on timer for up to 99 hours and if left without monitoring it will automatically turn off after a while.

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