Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop 2 (PIC2) with Grill – Review

The use of electric and gas cooktops for everyday cooking has long been gone since the arrival of induction cooktops. The efficiency an induction cooktop provides in not even worth comparing with other conventional methods. Apart from double the efficiency, induction stoves also provide incredible safety and emergency warning measures that no other cooking methods can give. Through induction technology no heat or open flames are produced that can hurt anyone. The only disadvantage is the extra money that has to be spent on the initial cost. But this loss will also be negated by the less expense in cooking. Also, the time saved in cooking on an induction stove is much more than other traditional methods. The induction range can be used for all types of cooking like boiling, warming, deep frying, searing, and also for grilling purposes.

The cookwares used on top of induction stoves must have a magnetic base. Only magnetic based induction compatible cookwares can be used for cooking purposes. The common pots/pans used in cooking are made of enameled iron and steel, stainless steel with a magnetic base or mostly cast iron.

Such an induction cooktop is being reviewed with this post. The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2 (PIC2) model, that comes with a combo offer of a cast iron made induction compatible grill alongside it.



Apart from the PIC2 model, Nuwave is also known for other single burner models like the 14.5″ PIC model, 30101 model, PIC Titanium model, PIC Pro 1800 Watts model, and the first and original PIC model. The double burner 30602 PIC model is also one of their best sellers. All these models are reviewed with their features and specifications explained clearly. We want to give you a thought on which Nuwave model to buy according to your needs.

About the Product

The product has a reasonable power rating of 1300 Watts that is more than enough to boil water under 2 minutes. Also, this intermediate power rating will help in saving electricity. This induction cooktop a round cooking surface, with an outermost dimension of 12 inches. The cooking pan dimension is marked by a red circle on the surface. The dimension of the red circle is 9”. As this cooktop is known to generate equal amount of heat on the whole surface, it is okay to use utensils with a maximum dimension of 12 inches. The heat will slowly catch up on the outer areas. The control panel seen on the front consists of an LED display, the increment and decrement buttons, the start/stop button, the pause/clear button, the program button, and the time button. This induction model is also equipped with unique pre-programmed temperature setting buttons that can also be seen on the control panel. They are named Low, Medium-Low, Medium, Medium-High, High and Maximum buttons. They are meant for faster cooking. A combination offer is also provided with this induction cooktop model. A high quality cast iron barbecue grill that is coated with porcelain enamel coating is also available with the stove at reasonable rates.


  • The PIC 2 model induction cooktop by NuWave has an overall dimension of 14.4 x 15.9 x 6.3 inches and weighs 9.1 lbs. This lightweight cooktop is most suitable for cooking in outdoors and is also highly portable. As all it needs is a standard U.S rated electrical outlet.
  • An air ventilation fan is provided in the downward back side of the product. This repels most of the heat produced by during cooking. Thus, the cooktop ensures more cooling and can be safely touched on the cooktop surface even in between cooking.
  • A heat resistant glass material is used to cover the cooktop surface. This gives a more attractive look and is also helpful in cleaning and prevents scratches from occurring. All marks and spills that fall on the surface can be brushed away neatly with a damp cloth.
  • The biggest advantage of cooking in this product is the huge temperature range that varies from 100 F to 575 F. For easy transition between temperatures 6 pre-programmed temperature settings are available. Between the temperature ranges 10 degree increments/decrements can be brought using the +/- buttons. Thus a total of 52 different temperatures can be used to cook your meal with the most precise heat. Each temperature button has a specified temperature set and is used for a particular type of cooking. The list is given below.

Low Temperature Button – 100 F – Warming food

Medium-Low Temperature Button – 175 F – Simmering food

Medium Temperature Button – 275 F – Steaming

Medium-High Temperature Button – 375 F – Deep Frying

High Temperature Button – 425 F – Saute Purpose

Max/Sear Temperature Button – 575 F – Searing

  • The time button is used for timing the meal at a specific temperature. The time can be adjusted using the +/- buttons and has a range between 1 minute to a maximum of 100 Hours. The default reading of the induction cooktop when turning it on is the High Setting with a temperature of 425 F with a time of 1 hour.
  • Some in-built features of this model includes the F to C temperature conversion and vice versa. Another one is the delay function that helps to delay the cooing by setting the program button. There are many error functions that is used to warn the user when some conditions like over/under voltage problems, air ventilation problems, overheating warning and so on. Each warning is represented with a separate code that is displayed on the LED. All these information is given in detail in the instruction manual.  An automatic shut down feature is also provided to cut off the power when no induction compatible pan is detected on the cooktop surface.
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Customer Reviews

Most customers have written positively about the temperature setting feature and the wide temperature range. But some problems have been lodged regarding the excessive noise the cooktop produces when it is turned on. Some people have referred it as “quite annoying”. Some users have expressed their amaze at the speed in which a kettle of water boils.