Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop – Review

Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop

Max Burton 6400 Induction Cooktop is a beautiful product that has brought life to many kitchens with its superior functionality and features.


This cooktop is sleek and portable giving it a nice look and feel. The dimensions of the product are 13.5 x 12.5 x 2.6 inches. It weighs 7.8 pounds. It is pretty light compared to most other cooktops. It is black in color with stainless steel border which gives it a premium look and feel. It has an angled control panel, different from the flat one I see in most of the other cooktops. This control panel has an LCD display at the center with multiple touch modes (This is one of the few with a touch control panel). The LCD display makes it much easier to operate with various adjustments. This is a single burner cooktop and its top covering is made of ceramic glass which gives flawless performance. It has two circular patterns on top to place the cookware correctly. It can accommodate cookware ranging from 4.5″ to 10 inches in diameter. The cookware must be made of induction compatible materials. That is, the base of the cookware that comes in contact with the cooktop must be made of ferrous materials, so that the device will function properly.

There are 10 heat mode settings and 15 temperature mode settings. Additional boil and simmer buttons are available for specific purposes.




Max Burton a commercial based induction cooktop variant with the same power rating of 1800 Watts called the 6500 ProChef Induction Cooktop. he controls and specifications are more befitting for a commercial purpose cooktop. Read the well written review to know more about it.

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The Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop is very light(7.8 pounds) and easy to carry around. The compact structure takes up less space and is ideal for those who have less space. It is going to be your best partner in kitchen.

Energy Efficient

This Cooktop takes up vey less energy and is a saviour when it comes to energy consumption. Its various temperature and power settings allows you to choose the right setting for your cooking without wasting energy.

Features and Technical Specifications

  1. Cleaning the mess is no more an issue with the ceramic finish.
  2. Utensils with a diameter of 10″ can be used for cooking.
  3. Easy to operate with simple touch settings.
  4. Quick response time of heating and cooking.
  5. There are 10 heat mode settings ranging from 500 W to 1800 Watt.
  6. The temperature settings are from 100oF to 450oF and it can be incremented in 25o
  7. There is a timer which is programmed for 180 minutes.
  8. LCD control panel with increase and decrease options for temperature.
  9. The Cooktop uses a 15 Amp power supply.
  10. The touchpad is digital with various indicator levels.
  11. Comes with a single burner.

What You May Not Like

According to some customers the simmers cannot go on for a long time (because it has a 3 hour safety turn off feature) like 72 hours. The power cord is a bit stiff which becomes a problem for few people. But even these few minus points cannot stop this marvel product from creating hype due to its efficiency and portability.


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Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 84 customer reviews who are extremely delighted with this convenient cooktop. Many happy customers are satisfied with the portability of this cooktop especially those who needed something compact for their kitchen. They felt that the temperature controls are perfect and can be adjusted easily to suit daily needs. The fast cooking and the quick heating time have saved many people from the long hours of cooking. The simmer and boiling options have made people even more pleased and with these easy controls boiling milk for many is no more a fuss. According to several people, this cooktop can be simply stored in the cabinet while not in use.

The burner size is also pretty large which allows cooking in bigger pots and brings smile to the happy buyers. Since it takes up less energy, people are satisfied with the energy saving and the electric bills.

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  3. What’s unique about induction cooking is that heat is created directly in the pan instead of on the surface of the cooktop, which allows for more immediate control of the heat source.

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