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Introducing the 1800 Watts powered induction cooktop 6050 model by Max Burton, which also comes with a stainless steel interface disk that can be used to place any kind of utensil on top of it, and cook without any heat dissipation. This model is a little more smaller when compared to the Max Burton 6015 model, which also has almost the same features as this one. Hence, this model is very well known for its portability and lightweight. This model is suitable for preparing all kinds of homely foods, but may not be of that much use in commercial purpose. A detailed review of this product along with the customer ratings is provided along with this article.



Some other induction cooktop variants of Max Burton include the 6500 ProChef model, the 6400 Digital Choice, 6200 Deluxe, and the Max Burton 6000 model. You may go through these links to find the best Max Burton induction to  choose from. All these variants have small differences in size, shape and specifications. Go through each of them to get an explicit idea. All these models have a power rating of 1800 Watts. Look out for the 3000 Watts powered 6530 ProChef model if you a looking for something more robust.

About the Product

The cooktop is almost square shaped and flat in design. The burner area is black in color and is separated from the non-cooking area with a white color area. This area has buttons that are needed to operate the induction cooktop with the desired settings. The ON/OFF button is one of them, along with the function button, the LED display, and up and down arrow buttons to change values of the function selected. The different functions available are the timer setting function, power adjustment, and temperature adjustment. The 6050 model runs on a household electrical voltage of 120 volts and 15 amps with 60 Hertz AC frequency. The biggest advantage of buying this induction cooktop model is the additional stainless steel interface disk that you get with this unit. The disk is kept on top the top of the burner and is specifically designed for this unit. Any kinds of utensils that the user desires can be used to cook, by keeping it on top the disk.


  • The Max Burton 6050 model weighs 11.3 pounds and has an outer dimension of 12.5 x 13.3 x 2.6 inches. Even with such a small dimension, the outer burner diameter is 10 inches, which is a pretty standard size for placing average sized utensils. The customer reviews suggests that a 3 gallon pot would be the maximum that can be used on this unit. When larger pots with larger diameters are used, it would be better to use utensils that are great conductors of heat, as it would make it easier for the heat to travel to the upper parts of the utensil as well.
  • The function key is pressed to activate the timer option, with a maximum cooking time of 180 minutes. The time is adjusted with the help of the up and down arrow keys. The function can can also be used to activate the power option, where the maximum power can be set to 1800 Watts. There are 10 power levels for the user to operate with. Another setting of the function key is the temperature adjustment. 10 different temperatures can be adjusted beginning with a minimum of 140 degree fahrenheit to a maximum of 450 degrees. All these values will be displayed on the LED display.
  • The 6050 model has an automatic turn off system. If the cooktop is left ON for a few minutes without any cooking utensil on top of the burner, the device automatically recognizes this fault, and will turn OFF within a few minutes.
  • It also has an overheat sensor, that detects any kind of heat rise due to electrical failure or other mishaps and warns the user accordingly.
  • The interface disk is made of stainless steel and has a heat resistant handle to hold. The disk is equipped to use all kinds of induction compatible cookwares that are made of iron, aluminium, glass, copper, porcelain, and stainless steel. There will not be any kind of heat loss, as the heat is directly passed from the disk to the utensil above.
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Customer Reviews

The positive reviews are mostly about the cooking speed, small size, high temperatures, and so on. Most of the reviews are positive, except for some people who claim that this product does not have a life more than 2 to 3 years. But their reviews also suggest that they have used it extensively at high temperatures and high power. When it comes to homely use, there is no doubt that this product will last more years. One customer has complained about the insufficient strength of the disk. He prefers to use iron clad utensils rather than placing cookwares on top the disk.

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