Max Burton 6015 Model 1800 Watts Portable Induction Cooktop Stove and Interface Disk Combination Set – Review

Max Burton 6015 Model 1800 Watts Portable Induction Cooktop Stove and Interface Disk Combination Set - Review

The 6015 model Max Burton induction cooktop is the best product to go for, with added bonuses like light weight, portability, and the interface combination set, which is the best feature of all. The flat shaped, easy to use induction cooktop has enough and more positive reviews, like no other induction cooktop has. We will be reviewing all the product with all the information in detail.


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About the Product

The Max Burton 6015 model cooktop is square shaped with the buttons placed at one end for safe use. The maximum power consumption of this device is 1800 Watts. The buttons include the ON/OFF switch, the function button, and the UP arrow and DOWN arrow. The function button is used to change 3 major functions of the induction cooktop: power, temperature and timer settings. Once the desired function is selected, their values can be changed using the UP and DOWN arrow keys. The values selected will be displayed in the LED display. The added bonus is the interface disk combination set along with the induction cooktop. This flat disk can be placed on top of the burner so that any type of cookware can be used to cook, by placing on top of the disk. There will not be any kind of heat loss by such an action. The whole heat will be transferred correctly from the stainless steel disk  to the utensil placed for cooking. The disk can be moved using a heat proof handle. The product is most useful for catering purposes, buffets, dorms, and home or assisted living housing. This unit is designed to operate on 110/120 volts and will require 15 amperes of current and 60 Hertz AC.


  • The Max Burton 6015 model portable induction cooktop weighs a total of 11.3 pounds and has product dimensions of 14 x 14 x 4 inches. The stainless steel disk has a thickness of ½ inches and has other measurements of 8 x 15. Though the overall weight of the cooktop and the disk may feel heavy, it is ideal for party uses, since it is small in dimensions. The diameter of the cooking area is a standard 10 inches, and the entire surface area is 10.5 x 11.5 inches.
  • The cooking area has a diameter of 10″ which will be the maximum diameter of the cooking pan base. Since the heat produced due to induction is equally distributed from the surface to the cookware used, the dimensions of the cookware can be a little more bigger.
  • The function key, when selected in the power mode can be used to control the power in 10 different levels.
  • When the function button is changed to temperature mode, you can select the desired temperature for cooking from a minimum of 140 degrees fahrenheit to a maximum of 450 degrees. There are 10 different temperature levels starting with 100, 150, 210, 250, 280, 320, 360, 390, 430, and at last 450 degree fahrenheit.
  • The function button can also be set to timer mode, with a maximum setting of 180 minutes.
  • The induction interface disk allows you to use all types of utensils including aluminium, glass, copper, porcelain, and stainless steel.
  • The unit is provided with a cookware detection sensor, which automatically turns off the device, if no utensil is kept on top of it for cooking, within a particular period of time.
  • The unit is also equipped with a overheat sensor, which turns of the device, if abundant heat is produced due to internal circuitry fails or any other problems.
  • As long as a cookware with induction compatibility is used, the cooking process will be fast and smooth. cookwares with a ferrous base that sticks to magnets are all considered induction compatible.
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Customer Reviews

One review says that when an iron based utensil is placed on the cooktop, the temperature will be steady according to the desired settings, and that it doesn’t turn on and off when the set temperature is achieved. A negative review suggests that the in built fan starts to get  a little noisy and annoying when the burner is turned on for more than 10 minutes. The user also says that at such an instance, the fan only turns off after 3 minutes of shut down. Another review says that the cooking speed for this unit is incredibly high and that the temperature control for this device is highly responsive. Other reviews suggest the easy controls, sleek design, large cooking area, and many more.

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