Max Burton 6000 Model 1800-Watts Portable Induction Cooktop Review

Max Burton 6000 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Review

Induction cooktops are generally favored in comparison to other cooking appliances, since they conserve energy and perform a wide range of functions at an affordable cost. Easy to use and clean, the 6000 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop, which is black in color is an innovative appliance introduced by Max Burton. Cooking is now free from risk due to presence of advanced safety features of this modern cook top.


This 1800-Watt Max Burton countertop cooktop is one of the induction cooktops with the simplest design. The base has 4 small feet, which hold this cooktop in place on any surface, preventing it from slipping and moving while food is being cooked. Along with its compact size and design that makes this device innovative and portable, the design of this induction cooktop is quite simple.



Max Burton has a commercial range of cooktop that has a whopping 3000 Watts and hence is extrmemely powerful enough for fast cooking and pre-heating. The model called the 6530 ProChef, though high in wattage is engineered to provide high efficiency as well. Another commercial variant is the 6500 ProChef model, which though has only 1800 Watts power rating is known to be handy and portable.

Other variants that are mostly designed for home purposes by Max Burton include:


The surface of this cooktop is marked with patterns that show how and where the cookware should be placed according to their different sizes. The cooktop has a 5″ diameter mark and a 9″ diameter mark. This cooktop is rectangular in shape and the control panel is placed at the lower right corner. It is placed outside markings on the device making it safe for users to cook without risk of burning. The buttons and the screen showing temperature settings are placed on a grey colored panel, while this cooktop is black in color. The buttons are highlighted as they are yellow in color, making it fairly easy to spot them.

Power based cooking mode

The levels of power consumption of this Max Burton 6000 induction cooktop vary from 400 watts to 1800 watts. The 600 watts level is missing and wattage is increased at intervals of 200 maintaining a continuous supply of power. These settings in terms of power consumption are similar to temperature settings of low, medium and high provided on other devices. The digital display allows power level to be changed according to requirement of a user.

Temperature based cooking mode

Max Burton 1800-Watt cooktop is equipped with 10 levels of temperature, along with an automatic shut down system when the cookware reaches maximum temperature. The varying levels of temperature are 140, 180, 210, 250, 320, 360, 390, 430 and 464, with no fixed intervals between the different levels. This wide range of varying temperature allows a user to simmer and boil at low and medium temperatures while deep frying is possible at comparatively higher temperatures close to the thermal limit.

Since, this cooktop has a sensor to detect the presence of cookware; it supplies heat only when the cookware is present. This reduces power consumption and also makes this device safe, preventing anything other than the cookware from heating. The user must also note that only induction compatible cookwares can be used for cooking on this device. That is, cookwares whose base is made up of ferrous materials can only be used to cook food.

Features and Specifications

  • This incredible cooktop operates on electricity and requires up to 1800 watts of power.
  • Heats instantly with high efficiency and thus saves cooking time.
  • Ten levels of both power and temperature.
  • A control panel with LED display and push buttons.
  • Sensors detecting presence of cookware and temperature, to turn off the device when it reaches the maximum level i.e. 464 degrees.
  • Adjustable heat levels for various forms of cooking.
  • 180 minutes timer to make automatic cooking possible and keeping food warm.
  • Compact and light-weight making this device easily portable.
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What you may not like

Several customers have complaints about the fact that large pans only get heated at the centre and not close to the ends making it difficult to cook using cookware with big diameters. The other features along with a wide range of temperature make up for this deficiency in size, thus users remain satisfied while using smaller cookware.

Customer Reviews

This incredible induction cooktop is available through Amazon and the customers who have already purchased this product have provided feedback and reviews to help others who are seeking to purchase similar products. There are more than 450 reviews for this product and most of them consider it to be the best induction cooktop that they have come across. The cookware presence and temperature sensor keeps a user safe, while the combination of two modes of cooking provide a wide range of cooking options.

It is quiet easy to change from one mode to another and utilizing the power mode one can save a lot on utility bills as the power consumed can be regulated. Along with a timer, automatic shut down system and lightweight compact design this is the ideal product for kitchens with less space, where cooking need to completed quickly and without needing to monitored the whole time.

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