Fagor 670041920 Ucook Model Induction Cooktop – Review

Fagor 670041920 Ucook Model Induction Cooktop

Introducing the home purpose induction cooktop “670041920 Ucook” model by Fagor. This unit is a great substitute for an extra burner and can surely replace other conventional cooking burners like gas or electric. As induction cooktops are known for their for their high efficiency, immense safety features, and fast heat, this unit will surely make a good product for your kitchen.



The “670041920 Ucook” model by Fagor is a perfect unit for small spaces with product dimensions of  9.8 x 13 x 2.4 inches. The induction stove has a total product weight of 4.4 pounds and a shipping weight of 7.2 pounds. The small size and compact design makes this device the best option for outdoor cooking, dorm use, studio apartment use, and recreational vehicle use.

The whole unit is flat shaped and is given a black color. The cooktop surface has two white colored circles that represent the position where the cooking pan is to be kept. The maximum diameter of the cookware base should not be more than 9.5”.

Like all other induction cooktops, this unit will also heat up all utensils with their bases made up of magnetic materials. All cookwares with a ferrous base can be used to cook on this unit. Some utensils will be made of pure iron base. But some will be made of a thin layer of ferrous metal in the base. This base layer will be affected by the magnetic field produced by the induction cooktop and thus distribute the heat on to the cookware. You must buy induction compatible cookwares to use an induction cooktop.

The surface of the cooktop is made of glass ceramic material which makes the surface non-porous. There will not be any scratches on the surface and it is very easy to clean the surface and can be made shining like a newly bought unit.

The touch buttons are presented on the front of the unit so that it is easy for the user to access them. The controls include the timer button, child lock button, plus/minus buttons, on/off button, and the temperature/power level button.

The timer button will help you to program your desired cooking time, after which the unit will automatically shut down. After pressing the timer button, its values can be changed using the plus/minus buttons. The timer levels vary from a minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 180 minutes. There is an operating time limit for each type of food that you want to cook. Thus, you can get your dish properly cooked, and that too at the right temperature. 

The child lock facility is provided for this product to prevent children from accidentally changing the settings that you have provided for cooking. The same feature can be provided to prevent them from turning ON the cooktop as well. Just a press on the button will activate it and another deep press will turn it off. This safety button can be pressed either when the cooktop is operating, or when it is turned off.

The  plus and minus buttons are placed  with the temperature/power level button in between. This button can be togged between the temperature setting and the power setting. Accordingly, the small red light flashes between ‘F’ and ‘L’.  After selecting a articular setting, increase or decrease their values using the plus/minus buttons. The temperature levels can be changed from a minimum temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 465 degrees Fahrenheit. The device is also equipped with 8 different power levels.

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Customer Reviews

Customer reviews suggests that this cooktop is not noisy at all, and is fast and efficient in cooking, and easy to clean. One user says that both the temperature and power settings are controlled and accurate enough, such that steaks and grills can also be made perfectly. Another positive review suggests that this product is fast for its size! Most of the comments suggests long life, fast cooking and portability as their reviews. Thus, this is one of the best induction cooktop available in the market today