Duxtop-9300ST-Ultra Thin and Full Glass Top based Portable Induction Cooktop – Review

The use of induction cooktops are rising day by day due to its various advantages when compared to cooking with gas. Induction cooking is very fast and needs very short cooking time, and thus saves a lot of time for all of us with a busy lifestyle. The biggest advantage would be the safety in using this cooking process. Since no flammable materials are involved and no open flames appear, there is no risk of catching fire. When comparing the induction cooker to a cooking gas stove, the former can be easily cleaned by rubbing the flat surface with a damp cloth. Money wise, induction cooking technique is cheaper than all other conventional methods. No energy is wasted when compared to a gas stove, as the whole energy is spent on the cookware rather than the surroundings. Thus, they have an efficiency of 85%.

With all these points in mind, we bring you one of the best selling induction cooktop: The amazingly new Duxtop 1500 Watt Ultra Thin Full Glass Top Portable Sensor Touch Induction Cooktop. Please keep in mind that this product is suitable for both household cooking and intermediate commercial cooking.  

Note:- We have created a special article by reviewing the Best of Duxtop Induction Cooktop models. In this article, we have hand picked 5 top and best induction cooktop models from Duxtop brand and ranked them according to features, ease of use, price and many other factors! This review article will be useful for any one looking to buy a Duxtop brand.



About the Product

This lightweight cooktop has a flat design with the cooking controls like the timer, lock button, temperature controllers, indicator, function button, and the ON/OFF switch placed on one end. All these buttons are made sensor touch, and thus all the controls need just a feather touch. Due to the cooktops’  compact and sleek design, it is easy to handle and travel around with.  The entire cooktop including the place where the cooking utensils are kept, along with the sensor controls are covered in a layer of glass, which makes the cleaning much more easier. A circular pattern is drawn on the cooktop, which represents the place where the cookware is to be placed for cooking. The device is also provided with a 6ft power cord. It operates in 120 Volts/ 15 Amperes / 60 Hertz AC and has a warranty for 1 year.


  • The DUXTOP induction cooktop has an overall dimension of 11.25’’ x 14.4’’. This size is appropriate for carrying around. The whole cooktop is ultra-thin, with an exact measurement of just one and a half inches from the surface of the cooktop to the resting place.
  • The heating element has a diameter of 9″. Pots with a maximum diameter of 9″ are optimum for cooking. But, because of the induction process, the heat will spread equally throughout the base. So utensis with diameters up to 11″ can also be used.
  • The timer can be set to a maximum of 170 minutes, and has a digital display to set it properly.
  • The temperature variations starts from 140 degrees Fahrenheit and can be set to a maximum of 460 degree Fahrenheit with a difference of 20 degrees between each level. That is, 15 temperature ranges altogether.
  • Different power levels are provided in this cooktop so that you can bring variations in cooking different dishes. The power level variations starts from 100 Watts to a maximum of 1500 Watts.
  • This model is provided with a lock button for preventing children from accidentally turning on the device and causing more hazard.
  • The device is built with the auto pan detection system that helps you in saving electricity. The device automatically shuts down if the cooking utensil is not kept on top of it for more than 60 seconds.  This is highly helpful in cases where the user forgets to turn off the cooktop after use.
  • The device is in-built with a diagnostic error message system which produces an error warning signal when the device itself has a problem.
  • If the voltage falls down to an extremely low level or if the voltage hikes up to a dangerous level, the device warns the user.
  • The DUXTOP induction cooktop uses all induction compatible cookwares like the ones made from cast iron or stainless steel cookwares or even aluminium enameled iron and steel.
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Customer Reviews

Most of the customer reviews suggest that this model has a fast heating speed for boiling water, and also for cooking wares. Another review suggests that even though the glass top is ultra thin, even a rough cooking attempt failed to break the glass. Another review is about the steady temperature this model maintains, that helps in cooking food without the worry of burning it. The review also mentions about the distribution of heat on the cooking utensil. The cooktop began boiling in the center and then spread outwards. This is very much different to the heat from a gas stove, where the heat is first distributed to the sides of the pan, and then moved to the center. Most of the reviews suggest that this model is definitely worth its price.