Benefits Of Using Induction Cooktops

As you are aware my website contains lots of information about different induction cooktops. However if you are planning to buy an induction cooktop but never used one before or done no research at all, may be this article is useful for you. My intention here is to give you first-hand knowledge about induction cooking and its benefits.


The working principle behind induction cooking is magnetic induction. An induction cooktop consist of a spiral coil placed beneath its cooking zone. When we place an induction compatible cookware on it and switch on the power supply, the current flowing in this coil produce oscillating magnetic fields. These magnetic fields induce a current in the cookware and heat is produced in it because of flow of this current. Thus the heat for cooking is generated in the cookware itself, unlike other cooktops where the heat source is at some distance from the cookware.

There are number of benefits/ advantages that Induction Cooktops offer over their rivals such as gas and electric cooktops.


Induction cooktops are highly efficient than both gas and electric cooktops. This is because as mentioned above, source of heat in an induction cooktop is the cookware itself, hence losses associated with travel of heat from its source to the cookware are minimised to the extent possible. An ordinary induction cooktop is 84% efficient whereas gas and electric cooktops score 40% and 65% respectively.

Faster Cooking

By using an induction cooktop we can cook food fairly quick because since the heat source is the cookware itself, more energy is available for cooking the food. Further, it is highly responsive when we change the temperature during different phases of cooking. It can also work on automatic mode by pre-selecting the recipe for which it is already programmed and then it can navigate to different ranges of temperature all by itself.

On the other hand, response time of electric cooktop is considerably large because the heating coil takes its own time to heat and cool and in gas cooktop we have to adjust the flame manually.


Induction cooktops are safer than their counterparts. The main reason is there is no flame, and with the absence of flame the risk of fire hazard is completely eliminated. Further there is absolutely no possibility of gas explosion in an induction cooktop.

Risk of burning is considerably low as the heat is generated within the cooking pan while the surface of the induction cooktop remains comparatively cooler (It will receive heat from the hot pan). Even if you place your hand on the cooking zone with the machine turned on there is no risk of burning since heat can be produced only inside ferromagnetic cookware. Whereas both in gas and electric cooktop, chances of burning increases highly as flow of heat to the cookware is through their surface.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Operating an induction cooktop through its touch control panel is like using modern smart phones. They are considerably easy to use when compared with both, electric and gas cooktops. A smooth wipe with a piece of cloth is all that is needed to clean them. Since the cooktop surface is made of ceramic glass food particles do not stick on it. Most of the induction cooktop surfaces are complete flat without any physical buttons or holes, so cleaning them become much easier. However in case of gas and electric cooktop, their surfaces get hot during cooking and any boil off or dropping immediately dries up leaving stain marks which make the whole cleaning process a tedious task. They also have tiny, complex parts which further makes cleaning them tedious.

Savings in Utility Bill

Evidently, induction cooktops are the most efficient way of cooking our food and more efficiency implies lesser consumption of utilities. This reduced consumption of utilities will definitely reflect on your monthly bill.

Environment friendly

Of all the options present, induction cooktops are most eco-friendly. Because of their high efficiency they require less energy for cooking in comparison to electric and gas cooktops, thereby reducing the energy footprints. Unlike gas and electric cooktops, induction cooking does not increase the temperature of its surroundings , thereby creating much more comfortable working environment in the kitchen.

Even with its inherent limitation that allow us to use only induction compatible cookware and higher initial cost, induction cooktop present us the options to make our cooking more efficient and easier.