True Induction MD-2B Mini Duo Double Burner Induction Cooktop – Review

Are you looking for a double burner induction cooktop that is compact, portable, and lightweight? If so, try the new True Induction MD-2B Mini Duo Double Burner Induction Cooktop, which is not only portable, but can also be installed on the countertop without losing much space. Being the most compact double burner induction cooktop, this product is ideal for homes that have very little space to spare in the kitchen. By placing it on the countertop, the kitchen gets a neat look, and the countertop becomes more stylish because of the flat paneled, blackish induction top.

Apart from the stunning design, this model is also known for its low power consumption and easy operating modes. Both the burners are very powerful and heats up cookwares very quickly. They also have a power sharing technology, which will be reviewed in detail later in this article.  



Other double burner models provided by True Induction include the S2F2 and S2F3. The company also has a single burner model (TI-1B) and a triple burner model (TI-3B). They are reviewed in detail, so that you get a clear idea of what to buy.

About the Product

The MD-2B Mini Duo model has a rectangular shape with separate controls placed on the bottom of each burner. All the controls are touch sensitive, and have been built with the “EX Control” technology. This makes the controls easy to operate, with a quick response when compared to all other brands.

The power cord is placed behind the device, and is 3 feet long.

There are two burners – the left and right burner. Both of them have two white circles drawn on them to recognise it. The outer circle diameter represents the maximum size of the cookware base that can be placed on the countertop. The inner one represents the minimum cookware base. The outer circle has a diameter of 10” and the inner has a diameter of 4.5”.

The touch buttons are separate for both the heating elements. The buttons includes different controls like options display unit, Increment (+) key, decrement (-) key, menu key, timer control key, child safety lock, and the power button key.

The cookwares used on the cooktop must be induction compatible. That is, the bottom of the pan in touch with the cooktop must be made of magnetic materials. No pot or pan is provided with this device, so make sure that you buy the best induction compatible utensils for this product.  


  • The MD-2B Mini Duo model has a length of 14.1”, a width of 20.5”, and a height of 2.2”. The product weight is 15 pounds, and the shipping weight is 25 pounds.
  • The product has a power rating of 1800 Watts, and a voltage rating of 220 Volts/60 Hertz.  
  • The top surface of the induction hob is made of a single piece of glass ceramic material, which gives it a sleek look. This also makes the product easy to clean after its use. All that is needed is the wipe of a damp cloth throughout the whole body. The rest of the body is finished in metal.
  • The cooktop can be placed on a countertop and made portable, or can also be kept as a drop-in equipment. Please make sure that the air ventilation gaps are not blocked.This may cause the heat to build up inside the device, and cause permanent damage to the device.
  • The menu button is used to toggle between the power and temperature controls. By pressing each time the option changes in the display. The power option has a total of 10 levels. Each power level can be changed using the +/- signs on the cooktop. The minimum power level is 100 Watts and the maximum power level is 1800 Watts. The power levels in between are 300, 500, 700, 900, 1100, 1300, 1500, 1700, 1800 Watts. The default power setting is 900 Watts.
  • By pressing the menu button, the temperature mode is selected, and the preset value of 460 degrees Fahrenheit is selected. There are 9 different temperature levels starting from a minimum of 120 degrees F. The other intermediate temperatures are 150 degrees, 180 degrees, 210 degrees, 260 degrees, 300 degrees, 360 degrees, 420 degrees and a final temperature of 460 degrees F.
  • The most unique feature of this device is the power sharing technology, that makes cooking on both the heating elements versatile. The total power of the burners being 1800 Watts, they have a sharing power of 900 Watts each. But, when only one burner is used, it can utilize a maximum of 1800 Watts. This helps the consumer in providing high power in cooking special foods.
  • When the timer button is pressed, the device displays a default value of “00”. Please note that there is no seconds or hours displayed on the device. All the time will be entered in minutes format. If you need the cooking time of 1 hour and five minutes, you will have to enter it as 65 minutes using the “+/-” key. As soon as a desired time is selected, keeping the “=/-” key idle for 10 seconds automatically starts the countdown for the pre-selected time, power and temperature.
  • The lock button is provided as a child safety button to prevent accidental changes of any settings, except the power key. The manual lock mode is activated by pressing the lock key to lock the controls. The automatic lock mode is activated as soon as the device is turned off.
  • A hot surface indicator is used to warn the user that the surface of the cooktop is still hot enough to stay from touching it. The heat produced will not be by the product, but by the heated pan bottom. The display shows an “H” symbol to represent this mode.
  • Different error codes are integrated to the device to warn the user of faultiness that may have been caused by the user or the device. All the error codes are displayed for the user to see. They are explained below:

>> E0 – This error code is displayed when  the device is overheated. Make sure the air vent is not blocked. Turn off the device for some time to correct the error.

>> E1 – No cookware detected on the cooktop surface. Error may also be displayed if the cookware placed is not induction compatible.

>> E2 – Supply voltage is too low. Turn off the device and check the supply mains.

>> E3 – Supply voltage spiked up or too high. Turn off the device and check the supply mains.

>> E7, E8, E9 , EE – Break off or short circuit indicator. Turn the device off and shut off the power at the fuse or circuit breaker for 30 seconds. If after turning on again, the device shows error, call for service.

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Customer Rating

All the customers are pleased with its compact size, and operating speed. The controls are very easy to grasp and use. The user manual explains every slight details very well. Buying this double burner cooktop is really worth its price. The only negative review is that as the surface is black in color, the surface has to be cleaned in detail to give it a clean and tidy look.

NuWave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop Burner – Review

People cook food mainly for two reasons: One reason would be for the fun of it, and the other is because you have to! Either way, cooking can be made simpler when you have the right cooking tools. One of the main appliance used for cooking is the cooking stove. Though there are conventional methods to cook, like the electric and gas stove, we are going to discuss about the induction stove, as it is known to be the safest, most efficient and least expensive mode of cooking.

If you are looking out for a cooktop to add to your kitchen, then here is the review for one of the best induction based cooktops of all time – The NuWave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop (PIC). This model manufactured by NuWave is given a bold black color altogether, with control panel at the bottom of the cooktop.   

The PIC 30602 model gives you a cooking experience that you will never forget. As the name suggests, all kinds of food can be cooked in the exact temperature that is needed, and is thus precise. This is one of the reasons why all the competitor models fails to succeed, when compared to this. Another reason would be the two cooktops instead of one at such an affordable price (Please visit Amazon to know the current price).



Along with double burners, Nuwave has single burner cooktops like the PIC model, PIC with 14.5″, PIC2 with Grill, 30101 model, Titanium model and the PIC Pro model. All these products have been reviewed in detail with all the features and specifications. Check it out.

About the Product

The double burner cooktop is rectangular in shape, with all the control buttons in the front. Each burner is given its own control panel, with some common controls for both of them as well. All the control keys are built with touch sensors. Both the burners have inner diameters of 8 inches, and outer diameters of 9 inches. Both are marked with the help of white circles on the burners. Unofficially, a pan as large as 12” in diameter can be used to cook on the surface, as the heat is distributed uniformly over the surface. The whole unit runs on 120 Volts, with a maximum output power of 1800 Watts. Each burner has the following touch controls:

  1. Start
  2. Pause/Clear
  3. Increment and Decrement
  4. Low, Medium Low, Medium, Medium High, High, Max/Sear Buttons
  5. Program Button
  6. Stage Button
  7. Cook Temperature
  8. Cook Time
  9. Clock
  10. End Time
  11. 0-9 Buttons
  12. AM/PM
  13. 1800 Watts

This is the only double burner induction stove with so many touch keys. The whole product has a 1 year warranty cover. Each burner is provided with a display unit that provides the info on what kind of settings are selected and their corresponding values.


  • This double burner cooktop has an overall dimension of 26 x 18 x 12 inches and has a weight of 16 pounds (17.6 pounds shipping weight).
  • The cooktop surface is coated with a glass finishing, so that it can be cleaned and maintained easily. The glass surface is also heat resistant, that adds more safety while cooking.
  • One of the main features of this cooktop is the 6 different pre-programmed temperature buttons that are provided for both the burners. The temperature range is between 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 575 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 94 different temperature levels, with an increment/decrement of 5 degrees. The Low button provides a temperature of 100 degrees, while the low medium button provides a temperature of 175 degrees. The medium button provides a temperature of 275 degrees, and the medium high works in 375 degrees. The high buttons provides a temperature of 425 degrees and the maximum temperature that the device can provide is 575 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooking certain foods with precise temperature can be done easily on this cooktop.
  • Another feature of this device is the 2 hour program function which can be used to keep the food warm at a temperature of 155 degrees F for a time of 2 hours.
  • The minimum output power of the device is 900 Watts. And the maximum power is 1800 Watts. You can attain the maximum power for the device by pressing the ‘1800W’ button.
  • An automatic stop feature has been provided for the device, so that overheating due to temperature rise above a certain level can be stopped. This protects the device from overheating, and the food from getting overcooked.
  • An over voltage and under voltage protection is provided in the device to avoid damages due to both voltage extremes.
  • A cookware recognition sensor is also in-built with this cooktop. This sensor identifies whether the cookware on the cooktop is induction compatible. If not, the device is automatically shut down. The same process happens if no cookware is detected. Please make sure that you use induction compatible utensils for cooking.
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Customer Reviews

Even though most of the reviews are positive, some of them have expressed some cons in using the device. One of the negative comment suggests the short length of power cord (3 foot long). This seems so short that the power switch cannot be kept far away from the induction stove. Another con was the unavailability of the lock feature. The lock feature can be used to lock the whole device from accidentally changing the settings, by just a simple press of the lock button.

But, other reviews suggest that the double burner is one of the best option for everyday cooking. A comment says that the product works like two different stoves, with separate control panels, that makes cooking very easy. When comparing this model to others, this one works by degrees, while most of the other cooktops works by changing watts. Most of the customers were happy by the five degree changes in temperature that makes cooking precise.

True Induction S2F3 Counter Inset Double Burner Induction Cooktop, 120V, Black

A Very Cool Induction Burner That Works Excellent!

Induction cooktops are getting more and more popular each day. They are more convenient and energy efficient than conventional cooking units. They use ‘electromagnetic induction’ based technology to produce heat. In the case of an average stove top, the burner generate heat in all directions thereby wasting some of the heat energy. On the other hand induction cookers produce a magnetic circuit with ferromagnetic cookware causing the cookware to produce heat inside of it. It keeps all the heat concentration in the utensil rather than the air around it. This concentration of heat allow to cook the food very fast while consuming less energy. It saves your time as well as money.

Since electromagnetic induction priciple is used, not all cookwares are compatible with induction cooktops. All cookwares whose base is made of ferrous materials can be considered induction compatible.

‘True Induction’ is a popular brand in the United Stated and they manufacture top quality induction cooktops. Because of their dependability and ease of usage, ‘True Induction’ is used as the OEM for many additional brands. One of the greatest well known is Winnebago. Winnebago uses the model dual burner induction cooktop in all of their Electric Coach Package.



Apart from this model, True Induction has other double burner variants like the S2F2 and MD-2B models. They have some best selling models in the three burner category like the TI-3B model, and the TI-1B model in the single burner category. Select the right model after going through these links.

S2F3 Induction Cooktop by True Induction


This is an ‘inset’ counter-top cooktop; you can actually install it in your counter-top. This makes it look more like apart of the counter-top itself. But definitely this is portable and you can place it anywhere you like in the kitchen.  It is 3 inches thick with a length of 24.5″ and a width of 15″. It has a wattage of 1800 and operates at 120V. It has two burners fit for pans with bottom diameters ranging from 4.5″ to 10 inches. Its surface is mode of high quality ceramic glass that is scratch and high temperature resistant. It is operated by touch controls. Since it has no physical buttons or crevices it is totally flat and is easy to clean. Colored black it is one of the most modern looking induction cooktops.

Power Variance Technology

True Induction S2F3 cooktop uses power variance technology. It is a dual burner cooktop with a maximum power level of 1800W. But when both the burners are used simultaneously this power is divided between them. For example if you operate burner one at level 7 you can simultaneously operate burner 2 only at a maximum level of 3. On the other hand if you use a single burner it can be operated at full power. This power variance technology helps you to cook faster and at a lower cost than most other dual burner induction cooktops.

Wide range of temperature and power levels

True Induction S2F3 cooktop can produce temperatures ranging from 150-450 degree Fahrenheit. The default temperature setting is 270 degree Fahrenheit. This temperature can be varied at intervals of 30 degrees by using the +/- temperature setting buttons. It also has 10 levels of power settings with level 5 as default.

Inbuilt Timer

This induction cooktop has an in-built timer where you can set cooking time in increments of 5 minutes until the maximum limit of 150 minutes is reached. This is very helpful while cooking dishes that has timing instructions. And you can cook without having to monitor the entire process.

More Features

  • Maximum power level – 1800W
  • 10 Power Levels that is you can choose the power level from 1 to 10.
  • Ceramic glass top which can hold upto 35lbs of weight
  • Can be used with a standard 110V outlet.
  • Child lock safety feature

What You Will Like

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy to use touch buttons with key stroke tones
  • Dual burners
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Energy efficient and fast
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Some people find the sound of cooling fans a bit annoying. But if used as an inset cooktop this won’t be a problem.

Customers Reviews

This product has received more than 30 reviews till date on Out of this 90% of the buyers give it 4+ star rating. Most people greatly praise the flat, aesthetic design of this inset counter-top cooktop. The ceramic top makes cleaning easier. It takes only 90 seconds to boil a pot of water. And moreover it looks great in the kitchen.


True Induction S2F2 Double Burner Cooktop

If you are living in a busy household with kids going to school and you going to work a single burner cooktop may not be enough to match your cooking needs. That’s why True Induction introduced a double burner cooktop which is also made highly energy efficient using their ‘Power Sharing technology’. It is a must for every busy kitchen and is durable and feature rich. You can easily save a lot on your utility bills and cook without worrying. The response time is quick and the sleek design with ceramic glass top gives it a nice look.



Other best selling models by True Induction include the Mini Duo Double Burner model (MD-2B), the upgraded S2F3 model, the three burner model TI-3B and the single burner model TI-1B. All of them are assessed in detail with complete specifications.


True Induction S2F2 double burner cooktop comes in a black color, sleek look and a ceramic glass top which makes it a magnificent looking kitchenware. It has double burners with a touch operated control panel. It is portable and can be easily place on the countertop. The dimensions of the product are 23.5″ x 14″ x 2-1/2″ and it weighs only 11.2 pounds which is lighter considering other products in its category. It is not just beautiful but can also be kept beautiful for lifetime because its glass-ceramic top is very easy to clean.

Both the cooktops have a cooking surface diameter of 10 inches. Even though the company specifies the optimum cookware diameter to be 10″, a maximum of 12″ can be used, as the heat is equally distributed on the surface due to induction. The cookware must be made of a ferrous base to make it induction compatible. The device will not turn on until an induction compatible cookware is placed.

The LED panel with the quick touch settings can be used to make various adjustments. The touch options are provided below the two burners individually with Power, Timer, Heat on, Temperature Increase and Decrease options. There are 10 quick touch settings which offer different modes for cooking. The heat adjustment settings range from 150 to 450O F. Any induction based cookware having a diameter of about 4.5 to 10 inches can be used on this cooktop.

Power Sharing Technology

Most 1800W double burner cooktops use two burners with 900W each. So if you are using only a single burner you can use only 900W. But for True Induction S2F2 double burner cooktop each burner can use 1800W. When used together this power is split between the two burners making them 900W each. This power sharing technology allows cooking to be completed faster.

Seamless glass Cooktop

The ceramic glass Cooktop brings a whole new definition to cooking. The EZ touch control panel can be smoothly operated and after every meal, cleaning this product is no more a tough job. The elegance and sleek look of the product gives it a stunning appearance. The controls help you with the cooking without making your work harder.

More Features & Technical Specifications

  1. Efficient cooking on magnetic based Cooktop using induction based cookware.
  2. Power sharing technology with power saving.
  3. Highly energy efficient
  4. Durable and seamless performance
  5. Safer and easier to use.
  6. Does not consume much space.
  7. Power production is 1800 watts which can be balanced between the two burners.
  8. Can be connected to a 120V supply
  9. The temperature ranges from 150 to 450 o
  10. Maximum time using the timer can be set up to 150 minutes
  11. There are 10 level selections

What You May Not Like

Some of the negative reviews show a misunderstanding about this product. This is a 1800W cooktop but when both the burners are operated simultaneously the power is shared between them. Level 10 is the highest level, when operating both burners if the first one is level 7 then the second can go only upto level 3 and so on. The power range of 220 volt supply is cut to 110 volt for cooking purpose. But it is this feature that give this cooktop its quick response time while also saving energy.

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Customer reviews and Scores

There are more than 90 reviews on the True Induction S2F2 Cooktop where buyers share their cooking experience using this product. Most customers comment positively about the sleek design and lightweightness of this product. Ease of portability with double burners and quick response time makes this product a favorite for camping and in RVs. They find it very useful in RVs and while camping out

The response time of this cooktop is praised by everyone, it can boil water in less than one minute. The touch controls are simple to understand and use and the whole cooktop is easy to clean. 93% of the reviewers rate this product with 4+ star rating.