DUXTOP LCD 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop 9600LS – Review

Apart from the sleek black body and silver side design, one of the main attractions of the 9600LS model is the blue light LCD display along with the sensor touch control panel. The LCD display has a blue background light with black readings that illuminates with a sophisticated look. The touch sensors help the user to control all cooking modes with a simple touch and also provides an additional advantage when it comes to swift cleaning.


DUXTOP LCD 9600LS Review


The controls include an ON/OFF button, a MENU button, and a “+/-” button on the right side of the LCD display. To the left of the display are the LOCK button, TIMER button, the BOIL and KEEP WARM buttons. The menu button switches between the power mode and the temperature mode. By selecting either one of the modes, you can change its value by pressing the “+/-” button. The lock button is provided to make the controls child proof. That is, once the lock button is pressed, you cannot change the controls by pressing any other button. The lock button will again have to be pressed for 3 seconds to undo it.


Looks are not the only characteristic that makes the DUXTOP 9600LS worthy. The cooktop has a Wattage of a whopping 1800 Watts. The best part is that there are 20 power levels that start from a 100 Watts to 1800 Watts. This helps to customize your cooking style to warm, boil, saute, or deep fry in the required settings.


Like the power mode, the temperature mode is also distributed in 20 levels. Starting from a warm mode of 100 deg F to a deep heating temperature of 460 deg F, you can choose the required temperature by pressing the increment/decrement button. The additional preset temperature touch controls called “Boil” and “Keep Warm” are also provided for easy use. The “Keep Warm” one touch button has an inset temperature of 140 deg F and holds the temperature for 30 minutes.


The built-in countdown time can be set up for a record breaking 600 minutes!! Though there is now way that any food needs to be cooked that long, the manufacturers must have set a long time to make it unique from other induction cooktops.

Induction Ready Cookware

You just cannot use any regular cooking utensil that you find in your kitchen. You must make sure that the cookwares are induction compatible. That is, if the base of your cookware sticks to a magnet, it is induction compatible. Clad based cookwares are good for induction cooking. But keep in mind that clad based cookwares, being made of multiple metals in the base, make high pitched sounds during high-temperature cooking.

DUXTOP LCD 9600LS – Specifications

PricingCheck Price
Dimensions (LxBxH)17.4 x 17.2 x 4.3 (Inches)
Weight7.5 Pounds
Shipping Weight7.5 Pounds
Power Ratings1800 Watts
Voltage Ratings120 V/60 Hz AC - 15 Amperes
ColorBlack Body with White Sides
Timer Mode10 Hours @ 1 Minute Interval
Temperature Mode1 to 20 Levels
100 Deg F to 460 Deg F
Power Mode1 to 20 Power Levels
100W to 1800W
Cookware Base Diameter5.5" (min) to 8" (max)
Cooktop SurfaceCeramic Glass (Dark)
Power Cord Length5 Feet
Warranty1 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
CertificationsETL Approved


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  • Child Safety Lock Feature
  • High & Low Voltage Warning Feature
  • Auto Pan Detection Feature
  • Additional “fast Boil” and “Keep Warm” control quick buttons
  • Unique blue light LCD Display

Customer Reviews

Most of the customer reviews focus on the economic price of the induction cooktop with so many features. A user mentioned that this device has the best interface, along with speedy heating. One user was really happy with the customer support the company provided and also on the warranty. Another user had problems with his cooktop regarding a “high-frequency whining” noise. Another user complained of a loud fan noise. Altogether, the buyers of the DUXTOP 9600LS have given a positive response in terms of design, heating, interface and customer support.

NuWave 1300 Watts 30101 Model Induction Cooktop – Review

The advantages of using an induction cooktop is more than enough for a common self cooking family to buy one. It has now become a trend in replacing or adding an induction cooktop to their household. Its small size and lightweight makes it adjustable to any kitchen. Since an induction cooktop does not have an open flame like a traditional gas cooktop, there is no risk of any kind of fire. Thus, it greatly enhances the safety of your family. Also, these cooktops come with automatic shut-off features that provides more safety than ever. As there is no heat produced by the cooktop, there is no danger involved even by touching the cooktop surface while cooking. The only con is that the cookwares used on the cooktop has to be induction compatible. That is, the utensils must have a magnetic bottom. The most commonly used cookwares are those with bases made of cast iron, enameled iron and steel, and stainless steel with magnetic base. Check out for the best induction compatible cookwares here!

The NuWave 30101 model 1300 Watts Induction Cooktop is being reviewed in this post. There are many combo offers available with this model, like  induction compatible frypans and  flexible turners. You can avail these offers from the amazon links given on the image below.



Read more reviews on these best selling Nuwave Induction Cooktops, so that you can choose wisely before buying.


About the Product

The NuWave 1300 Watts 30101 Model Induction Cooktop has a single in-built heating element that is round in shape with a dimension of 9 inches cooking space. This space is indicated by a red ring on the surface. However, since the heating on the base of the cookware is identical in all places, pans that have dimensions up to 12 inches can be used. The heat will transfer slowly but precisely to the outer edges. The maximum size of pots and pans that can be used is 12 inches. The controls are placed on the front of the cooktop in a separate bulge which adds more style to the cooktop. The controls include a start/stop button, an easy to read LED display, the +/- buttons to increase and decrease temperatures, the clear/pause button to reset settings, the program button and the time button. The control panel is also equipped with buttons like Low, Medium-Low, Medium, Medium-High, High and Maximum, which are basically pre-programmed temperature settings provided for faster cooking.


  • The product has an overall dimension of 16 x 7 x 15 inches. The product weighs 5.4 pounds which is light enough to carry it anywhere you go. Whether you use it for indoor or outdoor purposes, all you need is a standard U.S electrical outlet.
  • The product comes with air vents situated at the back of the product. The main aim of this vent is to provide a path for the extra heat that is produced by the heating element to escape. This provides more cooling for the cooktop and ensures that no heat is transferred to the cooktop surface, thus enhancing safety.
  • The surface of the cooktop is made of heat resistant glass that keeps it always cool to the touch and the material is easy to clean with a damp cloth. No kind of marks or spills will stick to the cooktop surface.
  • The product offers precise temperature control, with ranges between 100 degrees F and 575 degrees F sear. There are 6 different temperature settings that are adjustable in 10 degree increments. The Low button has a temperature setting of 100 degrees F and is mainly used for warming food. The Med-Low button has a temperature of 175 degrees F and is used for simmering. The medium button maintains a temperature of 275 degrees F and is used for steaming. The med-high button is used for deep frying purposes and maintains a temperature of 375 degrees F. The high button is used for saute purpose and maintains a temperature of 425 degrees F. The Max/sear button, as the name implies is used for searing and maintains a maximum temperature of 575 degrees F.
  • The time button is used to set the actual time needed for cooking. This can be set from a minimum of 1 min to a maximum of 100 hours. When the power is given to the induction cooktop, the default values that appear on the LED screen are 425 degrees F (High setting) for a period of 1 hour.
  • The heat source under the cooktop is basically electromagnetic coils that transfers the electromagnetic current in the form of heat to the cookware above.  
  • The cooktop has a default setting to show the temperature in Fahrenheit. To convert the reading to Celsius, press the program button, followed by the – button. Press – button  again to convert to Celsius. To return to Fahrenheit, press  – button again. To opt out of the F/C conversion option, press the Pause/Clear button until a “0” appears on the LED screen.
  • A delay function is also in-built with this product. This function is used to start the set programs at a delayed time. The step by step procedure is given in the manual.
  • A lot of Error functions are also in-built to warn the user of problems like cookware detection, malfunctions, over/under voltage warning, overheating due to air ventilation problems, overheating due to temperatures above sear value, maximum time warning and so on. All these error messages will be warned by separate symbols on the LED screen and will follow a beep to notify the user.
  • The induction cooktop and all electrical components that come along with the product are under warranty of two years.
  • The product includes a Quick Start Guide, a complete cookbook/manual, and an instructional DVD.
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Customer Reviews

The customer reviews are above average. Most of them complain about the product turning faulty in less than 2 years. The temperature setting starts to change after a long use. But most of the uses are happy about the heat generated and controlled throughout the cooking process. For such a small cost, this induction cooktop is heavily loaded with features.

NuWave PIC Pro 1800 Watts Induction Cooktop – Review

For cooking hobbyists and serious cooks, the one main answer they normally give when asked why they prefer induction cooking, is the instant heat changing feature available in such cooktops with great precision. In other conventional cooking methods like electrical or gas cooktops, the adjustment in heat to increase or decrease the temperature only acts slowly which is a great drawback when making heat dependent foods. Such heat settings are greatly noted by chefs.

Other than this, there are many common features an induction cooktop possesses that clearly makes it worth replacing other cooking methods. The greatest advantage is the energy saved in cooking due to less heat dissipation. As the heat produced by the magnetic fields is applied directly to the base of the cooking utensil, and no other heat is spread across the cooking surface, more than 40% of the energy is saved when compared to other cooking methods. Also, the safety provided by an induction cooktop cannot be provided by any other cooking methods. Further safety is in the form of radiations or wastes, where nothing harmful is created in such cooking methods.

The NuWave PIC Pro model 30331 AQ  with a power rating of 1800 Watts will be reviewed in detail. All the characteristics, pros and cons, along with customer reviews will be given in detail.



Apart from this high powered cooktop, Nuwave has low powered high efficiency cooktop variants like the 30101 model and the PIC2 with grill model. There are other best selling models like the Precision Induction Cooktop, 14.5″ PIC model, Titanium model and the double precision induction cooktop which has two burners.

About the Product

The single heating element induction cooktop is round in shape, which allows you to put round pots or kettles on the cooktop surface. The whole cooktop is given a black color which makes it stylish with added round red markers for placing the cookware on the surface. A bulge is provided in the front to provide all the controls to customize the cooking power, temperature, timer and so on. The biggest advantage is the high power rating of this product-1800 Watts. This power is more than enough to boil a kettle of water under 90 seconds. The controls are equipped with pressing buttons like the Start/Stop button and the Pause/Clear button on the right hand side. On the middle is the easy digital LCD control panel, with a ‘-’ and ‘+’ sign to decrease and increase the different parameters of the cooktop. On the left is the programme button, and the timer button. Default settings in temperature, timer and power are given for buttons like Low, Med-Low, Med, Med-High, High and Max. Other than this these parameters can also be changed manually by pressing the increment or decrement sign.


The NuWave PIC Pro 1800 Watts induction cooktop has a total product dimension of 16.2″ x 14.4″ x 4.7″ with a product weight of 7.3 lbs. This makes it lightweight and thus highly portable. It is easy to use anywhere, as just a plug is needed to make it work. The programme button can be set to change the temperature from a minimum of 100 degrees  Fahrenheit to a maximum of 575 degrees Fahrenheit. All the variations comes in increments of 5 degrees, which further helps in obtaining the precise temperature needed for cooking as there are 94 different temperature settings. The power and timer settings can also be changed in this manner. It is to be noted that this is the only model with the highest power rating when comparing it to other models of NuWave. The cooking surface has a dimension of 9.5 inches An auto-shut down feature is built-in with the product to automatically turn off the power when the pan is removed from the pan for some time. The top surface is run with a glass finish, which makes it easy to clean after preparing a messy dish. You must note that only induction compatible cookwares can be used on induction cooktops. That is the cookware bottom touching the cooktop surface must be made of a magnetic material in order to convert the electromagnetic fields to heat. So, cookware bottoms made of stainless steel, cast iron, or enameled iron and steel products are compatible for cooking. Child lock feature is also provided to prevent accidental touching on controls to change settings by locking it. Please note that this model is strictly used for home cooking purposes only, and is not intended for commercial purposes. The product has a warranty of 2 years. 

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Customer Reviews

Most of the reviews suggest that this model is totally worth for such a low price. The high power rating and high temperature rating are the favorite features that most people like. But one review suggest that since the lowest temperature is 100 degrees even butter cannot be melted without scorching continuously. Another reviewer said that his cooktop had certain problems with the pause/clear and the high preset buttons as they were caving into the control panel. But that was after 2 years of continuous use.

Max Burton 6015 Model 1800 Watts Portable Induction Cooktop Stove and Interface Disk Combination Set – Review

The 6015 model Max Burton induction cooktop is the best product to go for, with added bonuses like light weight, portability, and the interface combination set, which is the best feature of all. The flat shaped, easy to use induction cooktop has enough and more positive reviews, like no other induction cooktop has. We will be reviewing all the product with all the information in detail.


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About the Product

The Max Burton 6015 model cooktop is square shaped with the buttons placed at one end for safe use. The maximum power consumption of this device is 1800 Watts. The buttons include the ON/OFF switch, the function button, and the UP arrow and DOWN arrow. The function button is used to change 3 major functions of the induction cooktop: power, temperature and timer settings. Once the desired function is selected, their values can be changed using the UP and DOWN arrow keys. The values selected will be displayed in the LED display. The added bonus is the interface disk combination set along with the induction cooktop. This flat disk can be placed on top of the burner so that any type of cookware can be used to cook, by placing on top of the disk. There will not be any kind of heat loss by such an action. The whole heat will be transferred correctly from the stainless steel disk  to the utensil placed for cooking. The disk can be moved using a heat proof handle. The product is most useful for catering purposes, buffets, dorms, and home or assisted living housing. This unit is designed to operate on 110/120 volts and will require 15 amperes of current and 60 Hertz AC.


  • The Max Burton 6015 model portable induction cooktop weighs a total of 11.3 pounds and has product dimensions of 14 x 14 x 4 inches. The stainless steel disk has a thickness of ½ inches and has other measurements of 8 x 15. Though the overall weight of the cooktop and the disk may feel heavy, it is ideal for party uses, since it is small in dimensions. The diameter of the cooking area is a standard 10 inches, and the entire surface area is 10.5 x 11.5 inches.
  • The cooking area has a diameter of 10″ which will be the maximum diameter of the cooking pan base. Since the heat produced due to induction is equally distributed from the surface to the cookware used, the dimensions of the cookware can be a little more bigger.
  • The function key, when selected in the power mode can be used to control the power in 10 different levels.
  • When the function button is changed to temperature mode, you can select the desired temperature for cooking from a minimum of 140 degrees fahrenheit to a maximum of 450 degrees. There are 10 different temperature levels starting with 100, 150, 210, 250, 280, 320, 360, 390, 430, and at last 450 degree fahrenheit.
  • The function button can also be set to timer mode, with a maximum setting of 180 minutes.
  • The induction interface disk allows you to use all types of utensils including aluminium, glass, copper, porcelain, and stainless steel.
  • The unit is provided with a cookware detection sensor, which automatically turns off the device, if no utensil is kept on top of it for cooking, within a particular period of time.
  • The unit is also equipped with a overheat sensor, which turns of the device, if abundant heat is produced due to internal circuitry fails or any other problems.
  • As long as a cookware with induction compatibility is used, the cooking process will be fast and smooth. cookwares with a ferrous base that sticks to magnets are all considered induction compatible.
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Customer Reviews

One review says that when an iron based utensil is placed on the cooktop, the temperature will be steady according to the desired settings, and that it doesn’t turn on and off when the set temperature is achieved. A negative review suggests that the in built fan starts to get  a little noisy and annoying when the burner is turned on for more than 10 minutes. The user also says that at such an instance, the fan only turns off after 3 minutes of shut down. Another review says that the cooking speed for this unit is incredibly high and that the temperature control for this device is highly responsive. Other reviews suggest the easy controls, sleek design, large cooking area, and many more.

DUXTOP 8300ST-Sensor Touch Panel Induction Cooktop with Countertop Burner

We always prefer natural homemade healthy cooked food than fast food takeaways, which causes more harm to our body rather than providing nutrition. But due to our busy and hectic working lifestyle, we find it almost impossible to cook food for our spouse and siblings. Cooking food using conventional methods like cooking gas takes more time for cooking as well as cleaning up. It is also less energy efficient and makes you spend more money. This is where an Induction Cooktop comes to use. For the conventional method, you will need to buy cooking gas, whenever it is over. But for an induction cooktop, you do not need any kind of fuel as it always runs on electricity.

There are many companies providing high end induction cooktops with even double burners and lot of other functions. But for home cooking, a simple yet fully functional induction cooktop with an affordable price is what you need. Thus, we present you one of the best products by Secura Inc.,  the Duxtop 8300ST – 1800-Watt Portable Sensor Touch Panel Induction Cooktop with Countertop Burner. This model – 8300ST – is the only Duxtop induction cooktop with Child Safety Lock feature. 

Note:- We have created a dedicated article reviewing the best of Duxtop Induction Cooktop models available. The review ranks all the 5 Duxtop induction cooktop models in order by handpicking the best selling models with good features and price range.


About the Product

The 8300ST model induction cooktop is flat shaped with quite a large area to keep your cooking utensil, and one end of the cooktop is reserved for the touch sensing control keys. The The control keys include the function key for selecting the temperature mode, timer mode, and power mode. Once each mode is selected, their values can be increased or decreased to the user’s desire by either pressing the ‘+’ sign or the ‘-’ sign. All the values will be displayed on the LED display situated in between the control switches. A lock button is also provided to lock all the controls from being touched or changed by accident. All the touch controls are designed to be extremely sensitive, and thus a small touch will be more than enough to activate any controls. This model is provided with a 6 feet long power code, which is quite long enough to move your cooktop around. The specifications of the device are 120 Volts / 15 Amps / 60 Hertz AC and is built on North American Electrical Standards. It has a warranty of 1 year and is ETL approved.


  • The 8300ST model DUXTOP Induction cooktop has a product dimension of 14 x 12 x 2.6 inches with a shipping weight of 7.6 pounds from Amazon. Comparing its weight and dimensions to other models, the 8300ST is easy to carry around while travelling.  
  • The digital timer which is selected using the Function sensor button can be increased with an interval of 1 minute starting from 1 minute to 170 minutes. That is, you can easily cook something heavy for a maximum time of 2.8 hours.
  • The power mode in the functions control key can be selected with almost 10 different power levels varying from a minimum of 200 Watts to a maximum of 1800 Watts. 1800 Watts is supposedly very high. Usually most cooking plans does not need more than 1200 Watts.
  • The temperature mode can also be changed from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 460 degrees Fahrenheit with 10 different intermediate levels.
  • Child Safety Lock – The lock button is mainly intended to keep children from accidentally turning on the device when no one is around. By pressing the lock button continuously for 3 seconds, the mode is activated and all the other keys will be locked down. It can be deactivated by again pressing the same key for 3 seconds.
  • This  model is built with the Auto-pan detection system which automatically shuts down the cooktop if if no cookware is detected on it for more than 60 seconds. This makes the Induction cooktop highly efficient as you can save a lot of power even if you carelessly keep it on.
  • The cooktop sends out a warning signal if an excessive voltage or a low voltage than its specified rating is passed through it. This helps in protecting the device from sudden voltage hikes.
  • If the device itself becomes faulty, an error signal will be provided by the induction cooktop to show that something is wrong with it. This is called the diagnostic error message system.
  • Any kind of induction compatible cookware can be used to cook on top of the DUXTOP countertop burner 8300ST. This includes stainless steel cookwares, utensils with a magnetic bottom, cast enameled iron and steel cookwares and so on.
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Customer Reviews

All the reviews about the 8300ST model are positive. Most of them have mentioned the ease in using this model with the smart and sensitive touch controls. Fast boiling of water, and the heat performance of the device is highly praised. Other reviews suggest that the cooktop is very less power consuming. All of them find this model, 8300ST an asset worth buying.

Duxtop-9300ST-Ultra Thin and Full Glass Top based Portable Induction Cooktop – Review

The use of induction cooktops are rising day by day due to its various advantages when compared to cooking with gas. Induction cooking is very fast and needs very short cooking time, and thus saves a lot of time for all of us with a busy lifestyle. The biggest advantage would be the safety in using this cooking process. Since no flammable materials are involved and no open flames appear, there is no risk of catching fire. When comparing the induction cooker to a cooking gas stove, the former can be easily cleaned by rubbing the flat surface with a damp cloth. Money wise, induction cooking technique is cheaper than all other conventional methods. No energy is wasted when compared to a gas stove, as the whole energy is spent on the cookware rather than the surroundings. Thus, they have an efficiency of 85%.

With all these points in mind, we bring you one of the best selling induction cooktop: The amazingly new Duxtop 1500 Watt Ultra Thin Full Glass Top Portable Sensor Touch Induction Cooktop. Please keep in mind that this product is suitable for both household cooking and intermediate commercial cooking.  

Note:- We have created a special article by reviewing the Best of Duxtop Induction Cooktop models. In this article, we have hand picked 5 top and best induction cooktop models from Duxtop brand and ranked them according to features, ease of use, price and many other factors! This review article will be useful for any one looking to buy a Duxtop brand.



About the Product

This lightweight cooktop has a flat design with the cooking controls like the timer, lock button, temperature controllers, indicator, function button, and the ON/OFF switch placed on one end. All these buttons are made sensor touch, and thus all the controls need just a feather touch. Due to the cooktops’  compact and sleek design, it is easy to handle and travel around with.  The entire cooktop including the place where the cooking utensils are kept, along with the sensor controls are covered in a layer of glass, which makes the cleaning much more easier. A circular pattern is drawn on the cooktop, which represents the place where the cookware is to be placed for cooking. The device is also provided with a 6ft power cord. It operates in 120 Volts/ 15 Amperes / 60 Hertz AC and has a warranty for 1 year.


  • The DUXTOP induction cooktop has an overall dimension of 11.25’’ x 14.4’’. This size is appropriate for carrying around. The whole cooktop is ultra-thin, with an exact measurement of just one and a half inches from the surface of the cooktop to the resting place.
  • The heating element has a diameter of 9″. Pots with a maximum diameter of 9″ are optimum for cooking. But, because of the induction process, the heat will spread equally throughout the base. So utensis with diameters up to 11″ can also be used.
  • The timer can be set to a maximum of 170 minutes, and has a digital display to set it properly.
  • The temperature variations starts from 140 degrees Fahrenheit and can be set to a maximum of 460 degree Fahrenheit with a difference of 20 degrees between each level. That is, 15 temperature ranges altogether.
  • Different power levels are provided in this cooktop so that you can bring variations in cooking different dishes. The power level variations starts from 100 Watts to a maximum of 1500 Watts.
  • This model is provided with a lock button for preventing children from accidentally turning on the device and causing more hazard.
  • The device is built with the auto pan detection system that helps you in saving electricity. The device automatically shuts down if the cooking utensil is not kept on top of it for more than 60 seconds.  This is highly helpful in cases where the user forgets to turn off the cooktop after use.
  • The device is in-built with a diagnostic error message system which produces an error warning signal when the device itself has a problem.
  • If the voltage falls down to an extremely low level or if the voltage hikes up to a dangerous level, the device warns the user.
  • The DUXTOP induction cooktop uses all induction compatible cookwares like the ones made from cast iron or stainless steel cookwares or even aluminium enameled iron and steel.
View More Features of DUXTOP 9300ST Induction Cooktop


Customer Reviews

Most of the customer reviews suggest that this model has a fast heating speed for boiling water, and also for cooking wares. Another review suggests that even though the glass top is ultra thin, even a rough cooking attempt failed to break the glass. Another review is about the steady temperature this model maintains, that helps in cooking food without the worry of burning it. The review also mentions about the distribution of heat on the cooking utensil. The cooktop began boiling in the center and then spread outwards. This is very much different to the heat from a gas stove, where the heat is first distributed to the sides of the pan, and then moved to the center. Most of the reviews suggest that this model is definitely worth its price.

DUXTOP 7100MC Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner – Review

Introducing one of the most basic cooktops from Secura Inc., the Duxtop 1300 Watts Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 7100MC model. Compared to other DUXTOP models like 8300ST, 8100MC, and 9100MC this is the one with the least power specification. But, for normal homely cooking purposes this model is more than enough. Please note that this model is only suitable for home cooking and will not be sufficient enough for commercial purposes. The detailed review including its details and features are given below.   

Note:- We have ranked the best Duxtop Induction Cooktop models based on features, pricing, design and a lot other important criteria. We have identified 5 best Duxtop cooktop models and reviewed them in order. This article will help any consumer looking specifically for Duxtop brand.


About the Product

The induction cooktop is rectangular in shape with a separate panel on one to provide the control buttons. The buttons include the function button, the UP and DOWN button, and the ON/OFF button. The function button is used to change the controls between the timer, temperature and power. When either of these functions are selected, their values are changes according to the user’s desire by pressing the UP and DOWN key. The values selected or changed will be displayed accordingly on the LED display, provided in the middle of the panel. Unlike other models of DUXTOP, this base model does not have sensitive switches, but have buttons which have to be pressed instead of just touching. Though this may feel like a disadvantage it is only a matter of using it quite a few times and getting used to the product. Then you will not mind the difference. Another major disadvantage is that there is no child lock safety button provided for this model. Such a lock button would have helped children from accidentally turning on the device. The induction cooktop runs on 120V / 15 Amps / 60 Hertz AC, which is the standard specification for all homes. A power cord 6 feet of length is provided with the cooktop so that you can place it a little more farther from the switch if you want. All international standards have been obeyed and has been accredited with the North American Electrical Standards. This model is also ETL approved and has a warranty of one year, in case of any repair or replacement.


  • The induction cooktop has an overall dimension with width of 11 inches, depth of 13 inches, and a height of 2 inches. This makes the product compact and lightweight, so that it can be portable.
  • The 7100MC model is equipped with a built-in countdown digital timer with 5 minutes increments up to 170 minutes. This long time cooking facility makes the cooktop apt for cooking heavy and complex dishes for a huge family.
  • The function key can also be pressed to attain the power mode, where the power can be increased or decreased between the range of 200 Watts to 1300 Watts. There are 10 different power levels in between
  • 10 ranges of temperatures can be adjusted by selecting the temperature mode on the function key. The range starts from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to a maximum of 460 degrees.
  • The device is equipped with auto-pan detection system , which helps the consumer to save electricity, even if he accidentally turns the device on while not cooking. The device automatically shuts down when the induction cooktop is kept running for more than a minute without any kind of cooking utensil on top.
  • This model is compatible with all kinds of cooking utensils made from materials like cast iron, stainless steel cookwares with magnetic bottom, enamelled iron and steel cookwares, and also DUXTOP based whole clad premium cookwares.
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Customer Reviews

Most of the customer reviews suggest that for $50, the 7100MC model is very much affordable and cheap. Another review suggests that the change in the induction and thus the heat on the cookware is almost instant like a gas stove, when the temperature or the power is changed. The review also says that there is an advantage of safety in handling the cookware as the heat is only concentrated on the bottom of the pan where the cookware touches the cooktop. Overall, buying this model seems like a good idea when it comes to choosing a cheap, small family cooktop with most essential features a induction stove should have.

Duxtop 8100MC – 1800 Watt Induction Cooktop with Countertop Burner

This is one of the most selling induction cooktops in the world and in fact the best selling duxtop induction cooktop model. This is a single burner portable cooktop with good looks and lots of functionality. My detailed review of this induction cooktop is given below.

Note:- We have created a dedicated article reviewing the best of Duxtop Induction Cooktop models available. The review ranks all the 5 Duxtop induction cooktop models in order by handpicking the best selling models with good features and price range.




The DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction cooktop is light weight (it weighs only 6.5 pounds)and has a compact design. It is easier to handle and move around in your kitchen. It has an absolutely flat surface which accommodates both the cooking zone and the control panel. Its top is made of ceramic glass and you can use cookwares upto 8 inches in diameter. The control panel is arranged neatly and it doesn’t have any crevices or protruded buttons. It has a built-in digital timer that can be set upto 170 minutes with 1 minute increments.  The control panel has various other features like indicator for temperature, power on off button, temperature level selector and timer modes to make cooking easier and is suitable for all ages. The surface of the device is patterned to show where the cookware should be placed.

Only induction compatible cookwares can be used for cooking purposes. The device automatically shuts down if cookwares without a magnetic base is placed on top of it.

Power level and Temperature Selection

The DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction cooktop has 10 pre-set power levels which allows you to select from 200watts to 1800watts. It is easy to manage this power levels and comes in handy for cooking different kinds of dishes. You can also set different temperatures as per cooking needs. The temperatures can be selected from a range of 140 to 460 degree Fahrenheit which is apt for most cooking activities. It operated in 120V and 15 amps which is standard in all homes.

Auto Pan Detection:

The Auto Pan Detection technology detects the presence of cookware on the cooking zone. If no cookware is detected after 60 seconds the cooktop shuts down by itself. This feature is helpful in saving your electricity in-case you forget to turn-off the device.

Energy Efficiency

Induction cooktops are generally more efficient than gas or electric cooktops. They usually have an efficiency rating of 80-90%. This Duxtop 1800W 8100MC induction cooktop helps to save electricity by operating efficiently. In addition the auto pan detection technology and the built in timer reduces the chances of energy wastage by our negligence. The proper use of different energy levels in cooking will also reflect in your monthly electric bill.

Features & Specifications:

  • 10 varying power levels from 200Watt to 1800Watt.
  • Temperature range from 140 degree Fahrenheit to 460 degree Fahrenheit helping in cooking at different temperature levels.
  • Compact in style and design for easy handling and storage making it light in weight and easy to carry at any place.
  • Countdown built-in timer which shuts down automatically after instructed time.
  • 6 feet cord available.
  • Equipped with error message system which instructs automatically in system causes internal error.
  • Auto detection system of presence of the pan.
  • Warning system for high and low voltage.
  • Compatible with DUXTOP and other induction ready cookware such as stainless steel with a magnetic bottom or cast iron.
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Customer Reviews & Scores

This DUXTOP induction cooktop has more than 1700 customer reviews on Amazon and is one of the most selling product i the category. The majority of the customers has reviewed this as one of the best induction cooktops. It has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. More than 82% of the buyers who reviewed this product gave it a 4+ star rating out of which 62% are 5 stars.

Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop – Review

A revolutionary and portable cooktop which provides its users with a remarkable culinary experience is the NuWave Precision Cooktop. Preparing tasty and healthy meals is now an easy task with the all new precision induction technology by NuWave PIC, which cooks almost twice as faster than other cooktops. This cooktop is an all-in-one solution for your cooking troubles as it is equipped with advanced features that increase its performance and make it worth the investment.



The Nuwave induction cooktop has other variants in the name of PIC 30101, PIC 14.5″ and PIC2 with grill. Another upgraded model is the PIC Titanium model which has a power rating of 1800 Watts. Another model with a power of 1800 Watts is the PIC Pro range. Nuwave also has a double burner cooktop called the Double Precision Induction Cooktop. All these models are technically reviewed so that you get an explicit opinion on which cooktop to buy.


The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is black in color. Unlike most cooktops it is round in shape with an angled control panel. It is portable, compact and is lighter then most other products in this category. The induction surface of this cooktop has several circular marking indicating where the cookware should be placed. The cookware should be in contact with the red circle for heating and you can use a pan of diameter upto 6 inches. Also keep in mind that only induction compatible cookwares can be used to cook on induction cooktops. The angled front panel makes it more convenient for a user to operate this induction cooktop.

The digital panel has a total of 12 buttons and an LED display right at centre. On both sides of this digital display screen buttons are distributed equally, closest being the buttons to increase and decrease temperature as well as set timing for the timer. There is a start button to start cooking and beside it is a pause/clear button which allows heating to be paused.

The three buttons below it and symmetrically on the other side of the control panel are used to control the temperature of cooktop. These buttons are Low, Medium Low, Medium, Medium High, High and Maximum/Sear from left to right. To left of the digital screen the other two buttons are for programming the device and setting its timer.

Cook variety dishes

This programmable induction cooktop is quite versatile, it can be used for a variety of cooking needs including cooking rice to outdoor grilling as well as deep frying. It can also be programmed to cook slowly and keep the food warm. As it is twice as fast as most other cooktops cooking can be completed faster.

The cooktop surface has a cookware dimension of 9″. Pots or pans with a dimension of 9″ can be used for cooking. Even a little more sized utensils can be compromised for cooking, as the heat is distributed to the surface equally.

The six preset temperature settings along with a maximum temperature of 575 degrees allow to set cooking temperature easily according to one’s requirements. The temperature is incremented at an interval of 10 degrees making it easier to adjust temperature while cooking.

Energy efficient and portable

The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is a device based on remarkable and revolutionary technology, which is why it consumes only 1300 watts. Low power consumption is what makes this one of the most energy efficient cooktops as it conserves up to 90% energy. This device weighs only 7 pounds making it easy to lift to be used both indoors and outdoors. Only a power outlet is required to get this device operating. None of the burns and spills stick to this surface so cleaning the cooktop is quiet effortless. This device is safe since, there is no risk of fire as no coils or open flame is used for cooking.

Features and Specifications

  • Hi tech and compact design along with elegant features upgrades the functionality and appearance of your kitchen.
  • Allows cooking within limited time period as cooktop heats up quickly and comes with preset temperature settings.
  • This device is light in weight and the compact design makes it easy to carry for indoor as well as outdoor use.
  • Automatic shut-off feature makes this device safe along with the reduced risk of fire.
  • Saving on bills increase as less energy is consumed by this incredibly energy efficient cooktop.
  • It is versatile due to the wide range of temperature offered making it easier to prepare a wide variety of food.
  • Easy to clean as no spills and burns stick to the surface.


The temperature settings as well as precision heating are some of the cons of this NuWave cooktop as bigger cookware cannot be used on it and preset temperature settings might not be satisfactory. However, due to adjustable settings for temperature numerous buyers are purchasing cookware especially for this cooktop.

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Customer reviews and scores

More than 270 reviews of this amazing precision induction cooktop by NuWave have been provided by users who have been elated using this efficient and multifunctional cooktop. Numerous customers have considered this induction cooktop to be one of their best purchases due to the easy usability, temperature controls, portability and safety.

The precision heating technique makes it an incredibly efficient and safe device. It can cook on timer for up to 99 hours and if left without monitoring it will automatically turn off after a while.

Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop Review

Technology is ever evolving, it is not just for smartphones and tablets but for cookers as well. People nowadays don’t depend on gas burners as they did many years ago. When it comes to cooking people prefer to use induction cooktops as it saves a lot of time and is much much safer than cooking with fire. Aervoe Industries, Inc. has come up with their new induction cooktop the Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop which is faster to cook on, safer than a gas burner, less costly and easier to clean afterwards.





The Max Burton 6200 Deluxe a very stylish and elegant look that will surely attract anyone. It consists of a stainless steel body and the surface of the induction cooktop is dark in color. Four plastic legs are below the unit to provide a steady grip. It also has a short control system and a LED display at the side of the induction burner. It is very compact in size measuring 13.3 inches long, 12.5 inches wide and 2.6 inches tall. It is very light, weighing only 8.1pounds, making it easy to carry for picnics or any outdoor using.

Power Rating

The machine runs on 110/120 volt power, which is standard for all households making it energy efficient. It also has 10 different power settings ranging from 200 to 1800 Watts. This setting gives the induction cooktop a controllable temperature range of 100 degree Fahrenheit to 450 degree Fahrenheit making it perfect for cooking a variety of different items of food. It also has a built-in timer which can be set between 1 minute to 180 minute so that you don’t have to wait while your dish is being prepared and do not have to use an external timer.

Energy Efficiency and Safety measures

This induction cooktop is more energy efficient. It has an overheat sensor which enables it to detect on itself if overheated. It also has an in line fuse and auto unsuitable cookware detector. As induction cooktops don’t use any fire it is safe for both the young and the old.

Features and Specifications:

  • 10 varying power levels ranging from 200 to 1800 watts.
  • Two rings are marked on the induction cooktop surface. They have diameters of 5″ and 9″. That is, utensils with diameters up to 9″ can be used for cooking.
  • The temperature of the induction ranges from 100 degree Fahrenheit to 450 degree Fahrenheit making it a versatile cooking machine where one can cook different cuisines.
  • It has a very compact style and design making it perfect of outdoor cooking.
  • Automatic timer available and time can be set between 1 minute to 180 minutes.
  • 5 feet cord available making it easy to handle.
  • Over heat sensor, in-line fuse and LED display.
  • Digital display with which timer, temperature and power levels can be measured.
  • Unsuitable cookware detector notify you if any cookwares that are not made up of a ferrous base is placed on the induction cooktop. The device does not turn ON if induction compatible utensils are not used.

What Customers Say?

The Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-watt Induction Cooktop has received a total number of 522 reviews on Amazon.com out of which 81% of the customers have it rated 4+ stars.  According to the customers the stainless steel body makes it safer to work on. For some, it heats faster and hence saves a lot of time from cooking making it both energy efficient and time saver. They also comment very positively on its light-weight, compact design.

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Things You May Not Like

Some of the customers mention that it has few drawbacks. In their opinion the heating system in somewhat centralized which gives an uneven heating at low temperature. Yet it doesn’t alter the food quality as at the end the result seems to be satisfactory.

What You Will Like About It

With the sleek design and light weight it can be easily carried. The different temperature levels gives versatility to the usefulness of the product. It has a very impressive power range and the auto builtin timer makes cooking easier. This induction cooktop has many great features and is available at a good price.