NuWave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop Burner – Review

People cook food mainly for two reasons: One reason would be for the fun of it, and the other is because you have to! Either way, cooking can be made simpler when you have the right cooking tools. One of the main appliance used for cooking is the cooking stove. Though there are conventional methods to cook, like the electric and gas stove, we are going to discuss about the induction stove, as it is known to be the safest, most efficient and least expensive mode of cooking.

If you are looking out for a cooktop to add to your kitchen, then here is the review for one of the best induction based cooktops of all time – The NuWave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop (PIC). This model manufactured by NuWave is given a bold black color altogether, with control panel at the bottom of the cooktop.   

The PIC 30602 model gives you a cooking experience that you will never forget. As the name suggests, all kinds of food can be cooked in the exact temperature that is needed, and is thus precise. This is one of the reasons why all the competitor models fails to succeed, when compared to this. Another reason would be the two cooktops instead of one at such an affordable price (Please visit Amazon to know the current price).



Along with double burners, Nuwave has single burner cooktops like the PIC model, PIC with 14.5″, PIC2 with Grill, 30101 model, Titanium model and the PIC Pro model. All these products have been reviewed in detail with all the features and specifications. Check it out.

About the Product

The double burner cooktop is rectangular in shape, with all the control buttons in the front. Each burner is given its own control panel, with some common controls for both of them as well. All the control keys are built with touch sensors. Both the burners have inner diameters of 8 inches, and outer diameters of 9 inches. Both are marked with the help of white circles on the burners. Unofficially, a pan as large as 12” in diameter can be used to cook on the surface, as the heat is distributed uniformly over the surface. The whole unit runs on 120 Volts, with a maximum output power of 1800 Watts. Each burner has the following touch controls:

  1. Start
  2. Pause/Clear
  3. Increment and Decrement
  4. Low, Medium Low, Medium, Medium High, High, Max/Sear Buttons
  5. Program Button
  6. Stage Button
  7. Cook Temperature
  8. Cook Time
  9. Clock
  10. End Time
  11. 0-9 Buttons
  12. AM/PM
  13. 1800 Watts

This is the only double burner induction stove with so many touch keys. The whole product has a 1 year warranty cover. Each burner is provided with a display unit that provides the info on what kind of settings are selected and their corresponding values.


  • This double burner cooktop has an overall dimension of 26 x 18 x 12 inches and has a weight of 16 pounds (17.6 pounds shipping weight).
  • The cooktop surface is coated with a glass finishing, so that it can be cleaned and maintained easily. The glass surface is also heat resistant, that adds more safety while cooking.
  • One of the main features of this cooktop is the 6 different pre-programmed temperature buttons that are provided for both the burners. The temperature range is between 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 575 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 94 different temperature levels, with an increment/decrement of 5 degrees. The Low button provides a temperature of 100 degrees, while the low medium button provides a temperature of 175 degrees. The medium button provides a temperature of 275 degrees, and the medium high works in 375 degrees. The high buttons provides a temperature of 425 degrees and the maximum temperature that the device can provide is 575 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooking certain foods with precise temperature can be done easily on this cooktop.
  • Another feature of this device is the 2 hour program function which can be used to keep the food warm at a temperature of 155 degrees F for a time of 2 hours.
  • The minimum output power of the device is 900 Watts. And the maximum power is 1800 Watts. You can attain the maximum power for the device by pressing the ‘1800W’ button.
  • An automatic stop feature has been provided for the device, so that overheating due to temperature rise above a certain level can be stopped. This protects the device from overheating, and the food from getting overcooked.
  • An over voltage and under voltage protection is provided in the device to avoid damages due to both voltage extremes.
  • A cookware recognition sensor is also in-built with this cooktop. This sensor identifies whether the cookware on the cooktop is induction compatible. If not, the device is automatically shut down. The same process happens if no cookware is detected. Please make sure that you use induction compatible utensils for cooking.
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Customer Reviews

Even though most of the reviews are positive, some of them have expressed some cons in using the device. One of the negative comment suggests the short length of power cord (3 foot long). This seems so short that the power switch cannot be kept far away from the induction stove. Another con was the unavailability of the lock feature. The lock feature can be used to lock the whole device from accidentally changing the settings, by just a simple press of the lock button.

But, other reviews suggest that the double burner is one of the best option for everyday cooking. A comment says that the product works like two different stoves, with separate control panels, that makes cooking very easy. When comparing this model to others, this one works by degrees, while most of the other cooktops works by changing watts. Most of the customers were happy by the five degree changes in temperature that makes cooking precise.

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop (PIC) 14.5 Inch with Hard Anodized 9 Inch Fry Pan – Review

We are introducing the NuWave Precision Cooktop, Model NUWV1000, with a 14.5” cookware base and a hard anodized 9” fry pan that comes along with it. NuWave, the manufacturers of this product claim that this is one of their most efficient cooktops. Thus, the performance is almost 70% more than other conventional induction cooktops. The hard anodized 9” fry pan is ideal for cooking a basic omelet to an deep asian stir-fry and even more.



Nuwave has other cooktops models that have good customer reviews. We have reviewed some of them like the PIC2 with Grill Model, 30101 Model, Titanium Model, PIC Pro Model, and the original Precision Induction Cooktop model. A double burner model of Nuwave, the 30602 Double Precision Model (Double Burner) is also specified in case you need an additional burner.

About the Product

This round shaped cooktop has all the controls and displays in the front. Though the whole cooktop surface is 14.5” the cooking zone is only 12”, and this is marked by two white circles on the surface. This also means that the utensil that is kept on top of the cooktop can have a maximum diameter of 12”. Though, in some cases, bigger pans can be kept on top, as the heat on the utensil is evenly distributed throughout the surface. This product has a wattage of 1800 Watts, which is more than enough to cook heavy meals for many. All the control buttons are placed on the front bulge. These buttons include the start button, pause/clear button, and the program and time buttons, and a display where all the values can be seen. On the sides of the display are the plus and minus buttons, which are used to vary the temperature and timing settings. There are 6 different temperature levels that are provided as buttons on the cooktop. This feature is only seen in NuWave models. The fry pan also has a guarantee of 1 year.


  • This model has an outer dimension of 14.4 x 15.9 x 6.3 inches and weighs up to 8.9 pounds. The small size and light weight makes it apt for carrying it around for small functions and outdoor activities. It can also be placed in your living room for heating up pre-cooked food.
  • The cooktop is easy to clean. A you need to do is run a wet or damp towel across the surface. Since the cooktop has a glass coating, it will have a new look as soon as you clean it.
  • The device is equipped with 52 different temperature settings starting from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 575 degrees Fahrenheit. All these temperature ranges come with a 10 degree difference. Out of these, 6 different temperatures are provided as default buttons. This helps the user to select the desired temperature with ease. The different buttons with their specified temperature are given below:

>The Low Temperature Button is used for a temperature of 100 F. At this temperature you can warm all kinds of food.

>The Medium-Low Temperature Button can be used to attain a temperature of 175 F. This temperature is perfect for simmering food.

>The Medium Temperature Button can heat the food at a temperature of 275 F. At this temperature, the food can be easily steamed.

>At Medium-High Temperature, the induction cooktop rises the temperature to 375 F. This temperature is at for deep frying.  (Used for deep frying)

>The High Temperature Button is used for saute purposes, and attains a temperature of 425 F.

>The Max/Sear Temperature Button brings the maximum temperature for the cooktop (575 F). At this temperature all the searing works can be easily done.

The temperature can be read in both celsius and Fahrenheit.

  • The time for cooking can be set by selecting the time mode and changing the values using the plus/minus button. By default, when turning on the device, the reading will be 425 degrees Fahrenheit with a cooking time of 1 hour. This can be changed according to the food that is cooked. The minimum time for cooking is 1 minute, and the maximum is 100 hours.
  • The induction cooktop is equipped with automatic shut-off feature that prevents spills and prolonged use of the device. If the cooktop is pressed on without putting a cookware on top, or if a cookware is removed in between cooking, the device senses this absence after a few minutes, and automatically shuts the device off. The device also senses if whether an induction compatible cookware is kept for cooking. If not, it shuts down automatically.
  • The device is also equipped with 100 hours of program memory. Thus, if a previously cooked time and temperature setting is 40 minutes and 150 degrees F, the same setting can be made to appear for the next cooking as well.
  • The device is equipped with another feature called delay function, that helps to delay the cooling by setting the program button. Other emergency functions like overheating protection, and undervoltage/overvoltage protection is provided in this cooktop. When there is a spike in voltage, or the voltage is too less for the device to work properly, the device automatically shifts mode and stops cooking.All these modes are represented by different signs which appear on the display screen once they are activated.
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Customer Reviews

Excellent reviews are written by the buyers, among which most of them have mentioned about the speed in cooking, and its responsiveness. The fry pan is also said to have good quality.  One major problem that one of the users mentioned is the short power cord that comes along` with the cooktop. Another problem is that the device makes an unusually loud noise while cooking. But, some other reviews suggest otherwise. Altogether, this is one cooktop that is fast, lightweight, and portable.

Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop 2 (PIC2) with Grill – Review

The use of electric and gas cooktops for everyday cooking has long been gone since the arrival of induction cooktops. The efficiency an induction cooktop provides in not even worth comparing with other conventional methods. Apart from double the efficiency, induction stoves also provide incredible safety and emergency warning measures that no other cooking methods can give. Through induction technology no heat or open flames are produced that can hurt anyone. The only disadvantage is the extra money that has to be spent on the initial cost. But this loss will also be negated by the less expense in cooking. Also, the time saved in cooking on an induction stove is much more than other traditional methods. The induction range can be used for all types of cooking like boiling, warming, deep frying, searing, and also for grilling purposes.

The cookwares used on top of induction stoves must have a magnetic base. Only magnetic based induction compatible cookwares can be used for cooking purposes. The common pots/pans used in cooking are made of enameled iron and steel, stainless steel with a magnetic base or mostly cast iron.

Such an induction cooktop is being reviewed with this post. The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2 (PIC2) model, that comes with a combo offer of a cast iron made induction compatible grill alongside it.



Apart from the PIC2 model, Nuwave is also known for other single burner models like the 14.5″ PIC model, 30101 model, PIC Titanium model, PIC Pro 1800 Watts model, and the first and original PIC model. The double burner 30602 PIC model is also one of their best sellers. All these models are reviewed with their features and specifications explained clearly. We want to give you a thought on which Nuwave model to buy according to your needs.

About the Product

The product has a reasonable power rating of 1300 Watts that is more than enough to boil water under 2 minutes. Also, this intermediate power rating will help in saving electricity. This induction cooktop a round cooking surface, with an outermost dimension of 12 inches. The cooking pan dimension is marked by a red circle on the surface. The dimension of the red circle is 9”. As this cooktop is known to generate equal amount of heat on the whole surface, it is okay to use utensils with a maximum dimension of 12 inches. The heat will slowly catch up on the outer areas. The control panel seen on the front consists of an LED display, the increment and decrement buttons, the start/stop button, the pause/clear button, the program button, and the time button. This induction model is also equipped with unique pre-programmed temperature setting buttons that can also be seen on the control panel. They are named Low, Medium-Low, Medium, Medium-High, High and Maximum buttons. They are meant for faster cooking. A combination offer is also provided with this induction cooktop model. A high quality cast iron barbecue grill that is coated with porcelain enamel coating is also available with the stove at reasonable rates.


  • The PIC 2 model induction cooktop by NuWave has an overall dimension of 14.4 x 15.9 x 6.3 inches and weighs 9.1 lbs. This lightweight cooktop is most suitable for cooking in outdoors and is also highly portable. As all it needs is a standard U.S rated electrical outlet.
  • An air ventilation fan is provided in the downward back side of the product. This repels most of the heat produced by during cooking. Thus, the cooktop ensures more cooling and can be safely touched on the cooktop surface even in between cooking.
  • A heat resistant glass material is used to cover the cooktop surface. This gives a more attractive look and is also helpful in cleaning and prevents scratches from occurring. All marks and spills that fall on the surface can be brushed away neatly with a damp cloth.
  • The biggest advantage of cooking in this product is the huge temperature range that varies from 100 F to 575 F. For easy transition between temperatures 6 pre-programmed temperature settings are available. Between the temperature ranges 10 degree increments/decrements can be brought using the +/- buttons. Thus a total of 52 different temperatures can be used to cook your meal with the most precise heat. Each temperature button has a specified temperature set and is used for a particular type of cooking. The list is given below.

Low Temperature Button – 100 F – Warming food

Medium-Low Temperature Button – 175 F – Simmering food

Medium Temperature Button – 275 F – Steaming

Medium-High Temperature Button – 375 F – Deep Frying

High Temperature Button – 425 F – Saute Purpose

Max/Sear Temperature Button – 575 F – Searing

  • The time button is used for timing the meal at a specific temperature. The time can be adjusted using the +/- buttons and has a range between 1 minute to a maximum of 100 Hours. The default reading of the induction cooktop when turning it on is the High Setting with a temperature of 425 F with a time of 1 hour.
  • Some in-built features of this model includes the F to C temperature conversion and vice versa. Another one is the delay function that helps to delay the cooing by setting the program button. There are many error functions that is used to warn the user when some conditions like over/under voltage problems, air ventilation problems, overheating warning and so on. Each warning is represented with a separate code that is displayed on the LED. All these information is given in detail in the instruction manual.  An automatic shut down feature is also provided to cut off the power when no induction compatible pan is detected on the cooktop surface.
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Customer Reviews

Most customers have written positively about the temperature setting feature and the wide temperature range. But some problems have been lodged regarding the excessive noise the cooktop produces when it is turned on. Some people have referred it as “quite annoying”. Some users have expressed their amaze at the speed in which a kettle of water boils.

NuWave 1300 Watts 30101 Model Induction Cooktop – Review

The advantages of using an induction cooktop is more than enough for a common self cooking family to buy one. It has now become a trend in replacing or adding an induction cooktop to their household. Its small size and lightweight makes it adjustable to any kitchen. Since an induction cooktop does not have an open flame like a traditional gas cooktop, there is no risk of any kind of fire. Thus, it greatly enhances the safety of your family. Also, these cooktops come with automatic shut-off features that provides more safety than ever. As there is no heat produced by the cooktop, there is no danger involved even by touching the cooktop surface while cooking. The only con is that the cookwares used on the cooktop has to be induction compatible. That is, the utensils must have a magnetic bottom. The most commonly used cookwares are those with bases made of cast iron, enameled iron and steel, and stainless steel with magnetic base. Check out for the best induction compatible cookwares here!

The NuWave 30101 model 1300 Watts Induction Cooktop is being reviewed in this post. There are many combo offers available with this model, like  induction compatible frypans and  flexible turners. You can avail these offers from the amazon links given on the image below.



Read more reviews on these best selling Nuwave Induction Cooktops, so that you can choose wisely before buying.


About the Product

The NuWave 1300 Watts 30101 Model Induction Cooktop has a single in-built heating element that is round in shape with a dimension of 9 inches cooking space. This space is indicated by a red ring on the surface. However, since the heating on the base of the cookware is identical in all places, pans that have dimensions up to 12 inches can be used. The heat will transfer slowly but precisely to the outer edges. The maximum size of pots and pans that can be used is 12 inches. The controls are placed on the front of the cooktop in a separate bulge which adds more style to the cooktop. The controls include a start/stop button, an easy to read LED display, the +/- buttons to increase and decrease temperatures, the clear/pause button to reset settings, the program button and the time button. The control panel is also equipped with buttons like Low, Medium-Low, Medium, Medium-High, High and Maximum, which are basically pre-programmed temperature settings provided for faster cooking.


  • The product has an overall dimension of 16 x 7 x 15 inches. The product weighs 5.4 pounds which is light enough to carry it anywhere you go. Whether you use it for indoor or outdoor purposes, all you need is a standard U.S electrical outlet.
  • The product comes with air vents situated at the back of the product. The main aim of this vent is to provide a path for the extra heat that is produced by the heating element to escape. This provides more cooling for the cooktop and ensures that no heat is transferred to the cooktop surface, thus enhancing safety.
  • The surface of the cooktop is made of heat resistant glass that keeps it always cool to the touch and the material is easy to clean with a damp cloth. No kind of marks or spills will stick to the cooktop surface.
  • The product offers precise temperature control, with ranges between 100 degrees F and 575 degrees F sear. There are 6 different temperature settings that are adjustable in 10 degree increments. The Low button has a temperature setting of 100 degrees F and is mainly used for warming food. The Med-Low button has a temperature of 175 degrees F and is used for simmering. The medium button maintains a temperature of 275 degrees F and is used for steaming. The med-high button is used for deep frying purposes and maintains a temperature of 375 degrees F. The high button is used for saute purpose and maintains a temperature of 425 degrees F. The Max/sear button, as the name implies is used for searing and maintains a maximum temperature of 575 degrees F.
  • The time button is used to set the actual time needed for cooking. This can be set from a minimum of 1 min to a maximum of 100 hours. When the power is given to the induction cooktop, the default values that appear on the LED screen are 425 degrees F (High setting) for a period of 1 hour.
  • The heat source under the cooktop is basically electromagnetic coils that transfers the electromagnetic current in the form of heat to the cookware above.  
  • The cooktop has a default setting to show the temperature in Fahrenheit. To convert the reading to Celsius, press the program button, followed by the – button. Press – button  again to convert to Celsius. To return to Fahrenheit, press  – button again. To opt out of the F/C conversion option, press the Pause/Clear button until a “0” appears on the LED screen.
  • A delay function is also in-built with this product. This function is used to start the set programs at a delayed time. The step by step procedure is given in the manual.
  • A lot of Error functions are also in-built to warn the user of problems like cookware detection, malfunctions, over/under voltage warning, overheating due to air ventilation problems, overheating due to temperatures above sear value, maximum time warning and so on. All these error messages will be warned by separate symbols on the LED screen and will follow a beep to notify the user.
  • The induction cooktop and all electrical components that come along with the product are under warranty of two years.
  • The product includes a Quick Start Guide, a complete cookbook/manual, and an instructional DVD.
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Customer Reviews

The customer reviews are above average. Most of them complain about the product turning faulty in less than 2 years. The temperature setting starts to change after a long use. But most of the uses are happy about the heat generated and controlled throughout the cooking process. For such a small cost, this induction cooktop is heavily loaded with features.

NuWave PIC Titanium Model 1800 Watts Induction Cooktop – Review

NuWave PIC Titanium Model 1800 Watts Induction Cooktop

With induction technology based cooktops being a new trend in everyone’s kitchen, cooking has become a lot easier and friendly for professionals and amateurs. The ease in cleaning the cooktop surface and the straightforward controls make cooking simple enough, even when cooking for plenty of people. Regardless, the efficiency in cooking is almost 45% or more than any other conventional methods of cooking. The heat produced due to electromagnetism in induction coils are transferred directly to the cookware on the cooktop surface. Thus, there is no heat loss produced in this action. Besides, the heat produced will not bring any change in temperature on the cooktop surface. No danger is involved in touching the cooktop surface even in between cooking. Such safety is surely worth bargaining. The only drawback of using an induction cooktop is that you can use only induction friendly magnetic cookwares. The bottom of the cookware that touches the cooktop surface has to be magnetic, that is, made of ferrous material. Another drawback is that the initial cost of buying such a product will be a little more than other conventional cooking types like gas and electric. Since the initial loss can be acquired in cooking, it should not be a problem. Since the whole product is just a “plug and play” sort of cooktops, there is no need of additional gas cylinders or so.

The NuWave PIC Titanium Model Induction Cooktop is being reviewed in this post. Although the specifications and ratings are the same as the previously reviewed model: NuWave PIC Pro 1800 Watts Induction Cooktop, there is a major difference in the type of cooktop surface. As the product name suggests the cooktop surface is made of titanium element. This provides the product a huge lifespan and many other advantages, which will be explained in detail below.



We have reviewed other Nuwave models with a single burner like the PIC 14.5″ Cooktop, PIC2 with Grill, 30101 Model, and the original PIC model. Please go through the double burner 30602 model as well to compare and buy the best product.

About the Product

The cooktop comes in a round shape with one heating element with a dimension of 9 ½”. This is the maximum size of the utensil that can be used for cooking. All the controls are placed in the front of the product in an additional “bulge” which makes the design more stylish. The control pressing one press buttons include the LCD control panel in the middle, and the program button and timer button on one side, and the Pause/Clear button and Start/Stop button on the other side. A plus and minus sign are provided on both sides of the LCD control panel to change the values of the temperature, and timer controls according to the user.  Intermediate, high and low values are built-in and can be given for all controls with the help of the Low, Medium-Low, Medium, Medium-High, High and Maximum buttons.


  • The black colored NuWave branded model 30341 has a product dimension of 16.2 x 14.3 x 3.6 inches and has a weight of 6.5 lbs. Such a low weight induction cooktop is most suitable for portable uses. You can carry it anywhere, especially when going on long trips. All you need is a plug socket to make food.
  • The temperature variations that can be brought to the product lies between 100 degrees F and 575 degrees F. All these temperature ranges can be changed with a span of 5 degrees F. This small variation helps in bringing the precise temperature. Since the cooktop is made of titanium, the temperature will be precisely held.
  • The NuWave PIC Titanium model is mainly the best product for its given price due to two reasons. One is the power rating it provides. There is no other induction cooktop that can be availed for such an economic price with high power ratings. For a rating of 1800 Watts, a kettle of water can be boiled in less than 90 seconds!! You cannot get another cooktop for the same price with such huge power ratings.  The other main reason is the enhanced product quality with the use of titanium on the cooktop surface. This one addition gives the product a life span of almost 13 to 15 years!! No other cooktop in the market can guarantee this. Most cooktop products bought at this cost may have to be replaced shortly due to their low quality. This is not the case with the NuWave Titanium model.
  • As explained in the beginning, the cookwares should be induction friendly, with a maximum diameter of 9.5 inches. Although the total diameter of the surface is 12 inches, the red circle drawn inside the surface is the maximum cookware placing dimension.
  • The product is inbuilt with a delayed shut off feature that recognizes the pan taken away from the surface while cooking. The device waits for 10 seconds for the pan to be kept back on the surface. If not, the device automatically turns off and saves power. It can only be turned on manually later.
  • The product is also included with a complete cookbook to practice cooking new foods, a quick start cooking guide and an instructional DVD. There are many options that are explained in these manuals that can help while cooking. One such instruction is in changing the temperature settings from Fahrenheit to Celsius and backward. All these short hacks can be done with the program button given in the controls.
  • The company provides a warranty period of 2 years.
  • Though the power ratings are quite high, the product is strictly meant for home use, as the cooktop dimension is usually more than 9” for commercial purposes.  
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NuWave PIC Titanium Model – Specifications

ModelNuWave PIC Titanium
PricingCheck Price
Dimensions (LxBxH)16.2 x 14.3 x 3.6 (Inches)
Weight6.5 Pounds
Shipping Weight7.5 Pounds
Power Ratings1800 Watts
Voltage Ratings120 V/60 Hz AC - 15 Amperes
ColorBlack Body
Timer Mode10 Hours @ 1 Minute Interval
Temperature Mode100 Deg F to 575 Deg F @5 Deg increments
Power Mode100W to 1800W
Cookware Base Diameter9.5" (max)
Cooktop SurfaceCeramic Glass
Power Cord Length6 Feet
Warranty1 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
CertificationsETL Approved

Customer Reviews

One review says that one of the pros of this product is that there is no concentrated heat spot on the surface even with large pans. This means that even larger pans can be used, irrespective of the surface diameter. Another comment says that this product is easier to use and faster to cook than an electric stove. A negative comment suggests that even though 5-degree temperature increments are good in terms of precision, the +/- signs do not have a  push and hold feature to go through the temperatures in one touch. Another user experienced a problem saying that whatever the power level may be, the product has a loud noise, which is sometimes annoying. The underside quality of production is quite cheap. Otherwise, most of the customers have reviewed this product with a positive vibe.

NuWave PIC Pro 1800 Watts Induction Cooktop – Review

For cooking hobbyists and serious cooks, the one main answer they normally give when asked why they prefer induction cooking, is the instant heat changing feature available in such cooktops with great precision. In other conventional cooking methods like electrical or gas cooktops, the adjustment in heat to increase or decrease the temperature only acts slowly which is a great drawback when making heat dependent foods. Such heat settings are greatly noted by chefs.

Other than this, there are many common features an induction cooktop possesses that clearly makes it worth replacing other cooking methods. The greatest advantage is the energy saved in cooking due to less heat dissipation. As the heat produced by the magnetic fields is applied directly to the base of the cooking utensil, and no other heat is spread across the cooking surface, more than 40% of the energy is saved when compared to other cooking methods. Also, the safety provided by an induction cooktop cannot be provided by any other cooking methods. Further safety is in the form of radiations or wastes, where nothing harmful is created in such cooking methods.

The NuWave PIC Pro model 30331 AQ  with a power rating of 1800 Watts will be reviewed in detail. All the characteristics, pros and cons, along with customer reviews will be given in detail.



Apart from this high powered cooktop, Nuwave has low powered high efficiency cooktop variants like the 30101 model and the PIC2 with grill model. There are other best selling models like the Precision Induction Cooktop, 14.5″ PIC model, Titanium model and the double precision induction cooktop which has two burners.

About the Product

The single heating element induction cooktop is round in shape, which allows you to put round pots or kettles on the cooktop surface. The whole cooktop is given a black color which makes it stylish with added round red markers for placing the cookware on the surface. A bulge is provided in the front to provide all the controls to customize the cooking power, temperature, timer and so on. The biggest advantage is the high power rating of this product-1800 Watts. This power is more than enough to boil a kettle of water under 90 seconds. The controls are equipped with pressing buttons like the Start/Stop button and the Pause/Clear button on the right hand side. On the middle is the easy digital LCD control panel, with a ‘-’ and ‘+’ sign to decrease and increase the different parameters of the cooktop. On the left is the programme button, and the timer button. Default settings in temperature, timer and power are given for buttons like Low, Med-Low, Med, Med-High, High and Max. Other than this these parameters can also be changed manually by pressing the increment or decrement sign.


The NuWave PIC Pro 1800 Watts induction cooktop has a total product dimension of 16.2″ x 14.4″ x 4.7″ with a product weight of 7.3 lbs. This makes it lightweight and thus highly portable. It is easy to use anywhere, as just a plug is needed to make it work. The programme button can be set to change the temperature from a minimum of 100 degrees  Fahrenheit to a maximum of 575 degrees Fahrenheit. All the variations comes in increments of 5 degrees, which further helps in obtaining the precise temperature needed for cooking as there are 94 different temperature settings. The power and timer settings can also be changed in this manner. It is to be noted that this is the only model with the highest power rating when comparing it to other models of NuWave. The cooking surface has a dimension of 9.5 inches An auto-shut down feature is built-in with the product to automatically turn off the power when the pan is removed from the pan for some time. The top surface is run with a glass finish, which makes it easy to clean after preparing a messy dish. You must note that only induction compatible cookwares can be used on induction cooktops. That is the cookware bottom touching the cooktop surface must be made of a magnetic material in order to convert the electromagnetic fields to heat. So, cookware bottoms made of stainless steel, cast iron, or enameled iron and steel products are compatible for cooking. Child lock feature is also provided to prevent accidental touching on controls to change settings by locking it. Please note that this model is strictly used for home cooking purposes only, and is not intended for commercial purposes. The product has a warranty of 2 years. 

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Customer Reviews

Most of the reviews suggest that this model is totally worth for such a low price. The high power rating and high temperature rating are the favorite features that most people like. But one review suggest that since the lowest temperature is 100 degrees even butter cannot be melted without scorching continuously. Another reviewer said that his cooktop had certain problems with the pause/clear and the high preset buttons as they were caving into the control panel. But that was after 2 years of continuous use.

Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop – Review

A revolutionary and portable cooktop which provides its users with a remarkable culinary experience is the NuWave Precision Cooktop. Preparing tasty and healthy meals is now an easy task with the all new precision induction technology by NuWave PIC, which cooks almost twice as faster than other cooktops. This cooktop is an all-in-one solution for your cooking troubles as it is equipped with advanced features that increase its performance and make it worth the investment.



The Nuwave induction cooktop has other variants in the name of PIC 30101, PIC 14.5″ and PIC2 with grill. Another upgraded model is the PIC Titanium model which has a power rating of 1800 Watts. Another model with a power of 1800 Watts is the PIC Pro range. Nuwave also has a double burner cooktop called the Double Precision Induction Cooktop. All these models are technically reviewed so that you get an explicit opinion on which cooktop to buy.


The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is black in color. Unlike most cooktops it is round in shape with an angled control panel. It is portable, compact and is lighter then most other products in this category. The induction surface of this cooktop has several circular marking indicating where the cookware should be placed. The cookware should be in contact with the red circle for heating and you can use a pan of diameter upto 6 inches. Also keep in mind that only induction compatible cookwares can be used to cook on induction cooktops. The angled front panel makes it more convenient for a user to operate this induction cooktop.

The digital panel has a total of 12 buttons and an LED display right at centre. On both sides of this digital display screen buttons are distributed equally, closest being the buttons to increase and decrease temperature as well as set timing for the timer. There is a start button to start cooking and beside it is a pause/clear button which allows heating to be paused.

The three buttons below it and symmetrically on the other side of the control panel are used to control the temperature of cooktop. These buttons are Low, Medium Low, Medium, Medium High, High and Maximum/Sear from left to right. To left of the digital screen the other two buttons are for programming the device and setting its timer.

Cook variety dishes

This programmable induction cooktop is quite versatile, it can be used for a variety of cooking needs including cooking rice to outdoor grilling as well as deep frying. It can also be programmed to cook slowly and keep the food warm. As it is twice as fast as most other cooktops cooking can be completed faster.

The cooktop surface has a cookware dimension of 9″. Pots or pans with a dimension of 9″ can be used for cooking. Even a little more sized utensils can be compromised for cooking, as the heat is distributed to the surface equally.

The six preset temperature settings along with a maximum temperature of 575 degrees allow to set cooking temperature easily according to one’s requirements. The temperature is incremented at an interval of 10 degrees making it easier to adjust temperature while cooking.

Energy efficient and portable

The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is a device based on remarkable and revolutionary technology, which is why it consumes only 1300 watts. Low power consumption is what makes this one of the most energy efficient cooktops as it conserves up to 90% energy. This device weighs only 7 pounds making it easy to lift to be used both indoors and outdoors. Only a power outlet is required to get this device operating. None of the burns and spills stick to this surface so cleaning the cooktop is quiet effortless. This device is safe since, there is no risk of fire as no coils or open flame is used for cooking.

Features and Specifications

  • Hi tech and compact design along with elegant features upgrades the functionality and appearance of your kitchen.
  • Allows cooking within limited time period as cooktop heats up quickly and comes with preset temperature settings.
  • This device is light in weight and the compact design makes it easy to carry for indoor as well as outdoor use.
  • Automatic shut-off feature makes this device safe along with the reduced risk of fire.
  • Saving on bills increase as less energy is consumed by this incredibly energy efficient cooktop.
  • It is versatile due to the wide range of temperature offered making it easier to prepare a wide variety of food.
  • Easy to clean as no spills and burns stick to the surface.


The temperature settings as well as precision heating are some of the cons of this NuWave cooktop as bigger cookware cannot be used on it and preset temperature settings might not be satisfactory. However, due to adjustable settings for temperature numerous buyers are purchasing cookware especially for this cooktop.

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Customer reviews and scores

More than 270 reviews of this amazing precision induction cooktop by NuWave have been provided by users who have been elated using this efficient and multifunctional cooktop. Numerous customers have considered this induction cooktop to be one of their best purchases due to the easy usability, temperature controls, portability and safety.

The precision heating technique makes it an incredibly efficient and safe device. It can cook on timer for up to 99 hours and if left without monitoring it will automatically turn off after a while.