Top 6 Max Burton Induction Cooktop Reviews

Induction cooking is getting more and more popular for it’s unique cooking style. Most families and commercial users prefer induction cooktops over other traditional cooking forms like electric or gas due to various factors like instant reaction of the cooktop to heat adjustment, quick cooking process, no flame or other elements to burn, and economic to operate.   From restaurants, to household kitchens, it becomes quicker, safer and more economical to use the Max Burton range of induction cooktops. We have already reviewed various induction cooktop ranges by Max Burton. Out of them we have selected 4 of the best Max Burton household kitchen based induction cooktop models  and Max Burton induction hob review of 2 commercial cooktops. All the different features, safety, price and other parameters are carefully studied and thus listed from the whole lot. The listing is in descending order with the best Max Burton induction cooktop 2017 reviewed first.

Max Burton Induction Hob Review – Home Use

  • Max Burton 6015 Model 1800 Watts Portable Induction Cooktop Stove and Interface Disk Combination Set

Max Burton 6015 Model 1800 Watts Portable Induction Cooktop Stove
Max Burton 6015 Model- View in

For home use, the 1800 Watts powered Max Burton induction hob is one of the best choice available. This induction cooktop is light to carry around with a total weight of just 11.3 pounds. The design of the induction stove is also made compact with a total dimension of 14 x 14 x 4. For a total Wattage of 1800 Watts, the power levels can be varied up to 10 steps. Thus, for heating up pre-cooked food you can use less power, and for fast cooking high power levels can be used. The maximum temperature that can be attained in this cooktop is 450 degrees F. The basic temperature setting starts from 140 degrees F. The biggest review this item has got is regarding the rapid heat build up of the stove. Water can be boiled at a whopping speed of 2 minutes. Another added bonus is the induction compatible flat shaped interface disk that is available with the product. The utensils to be used on the cooktop surface should be induction compatible. That is, heat from the induction hob will be transferred to the cookware base, only if it is magnetic in nature. All these properties are inbuilt on the interface disk. Thus, any kind of cookware can be kept on top of the interface disk for cooking. There will not be any kind of losses as the heat transferred to the cookware base will be transferred equally throughout the base. The cooking surface has a diameter of 10”. This surface area is big enough to cook homely meals for an average family. The unit is equipped with a heat detection sensor and cookware detection sensor. The timer has a total time of 180 minutes.  Easy controls, sleek design and large cooking area are the biggest features of this unit.


  • Max Burton 6050 Model 1800 Watts Induction Cooktop with Interface Disk

Max Burton 6050 Model 1800 Watts Induction Cooktop
Max Burton 6050 Model – View in

Compared to the 6015 model, the 6050 model is a little more smaller in dimension. This makes this Max Burton Induction burner a little more compact. The overall dimensions of this unit is 12.5 x 2.6 x 13.3 inches and weighs 11.3 pounds. The one disadvantage is that the cookware base dimension have been lessened from 10” to 9”. Even then, a 10” cookware base can be used, given that the heat transfers to all parts of the base uniformly. The 6015 model has a black shaded design throughout. The 6050 model Max Burton hob has the heating element area in black color and the non-cooking area, where the control keys are present in a white color. The power and voltage ratings are also the same with specifications of 120 Volts/15 Amperes/60 Hertz. The interface disk is also available with this model. The temperature settings, power settings, and timer settings are all the same as the above model.


  •  Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop

Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop
Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice – View in

Though this induction cooktop has a standard dimension of 13.5 x 12.5 x 2.6 inches, the overall weight of the product is only 7.8 pounds. This one feature makes it the most lightweight induction cooktop in all classes. Thus, it is easy to carry around for other functions as well. The cooktop design is also given a premium touch with a black overall color and a blend of stainless steel on the borders. The controls are separated with an angled extension to the front. The control keys consists of the function keys, the up and down keys, the power key, and an LCD display. All the control keys are touch sensitive. The cooktop surface is coated with a ceramic glass sheet which makes it easier to clean after cooking. The cooktop can accommodate cookware bases with diameters from 4.5” to a maximum of 10”. The power consumption of this unit is less compared to most other models. The temperature levels start from 100 degrees F to 450 degrees F with intermediate increments of 25 degrees. The wattage settings can be varied between 500 Watts to 1800 Watts, with 10 different levels. In customer reviews, most people are pleased with the simmer and boiling options.


  • Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop Review

Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop
Max Burton 6200 Deluxe – View in

The 6200 deluxe model Max Burton induction stove looks extremely stylish with a black shade on the cooktop surface and a stainless steel body for the corners and front part. Being lightweight (8.1 pounds) and with a compact dimension of 13.3 inches length, 12.5 inches width and 2.6 inches height, this induction stove is perfect for outdoor cooking and other gatherings. The high power is optimum for home cooking as the power ranges fall between 200 Watts to a full 1800 Watts. The temperature ratings fall between 100 degrees F to 450 degrees F.  Both these control features helps the user to cook food in simmering mode, boiling mode, deep fry mode or any other type. The timer is also helpful in setting a time for cooking. Overheat sensor feature is available with this model along with lock features and cookware detector. This product has more than 4 stars and huge praises in customer review section. Most praises go for the compact design and efficiency in cooking. The one main disadvantage as written by a customer is the uneven distribution of heat at low temperatures, which makes cooking a little more time consuming. 


Max Burton Induction Cooktop Review – Commercial Use

  • Max Burton 6530 ProChef 3000 Watts Commercial Induction Cooktop

Max Burton 6530 ProChef 3000 Watts Commercial Induction Cooktop
Max Burton 6530 ProChef – View in

The 6530 ProChef model induction cooktop is apt for commercial cooking purposes like catering, restaurants, buffets, parties, canteen food and so on. Though the physical dimensions are a little big (17.3 x 13.3 x 4.8 inches), the overall weight is only 11 pounds, which makes it light enough to carry huge pans/pots for plenty of people. For a product rating of 220 Volts and 15 Amps, this unit can achieve a maximum power of 300 Watts. This is indeed unique in the case of single burner induction cooktops, as this is the only model with such a high Wattage. For such a high power the minimum power setting is 500 Watts. With 13 different power levels, the cooking can be made more precise. The default power rating when the unit is turned on will be 1200 Watts. The temperature ranges also fall between 150 degrees F to 464 degrees F. There are 10 intermediate temperature levels. The temperature default value will be 1200 degrees. The one disadvantage in this unit is that the low power rating is not lesser than 500 Watts, and the highest power rating is 3000 Watts. This also goes for the minimum temperature rating of 150 degrees. When in need of cooking food at low temperatures or power values, the food has to be regularly stirred to avoid scorching. However, since the main use of this unit is commercial, cooking at low temperatures is seldom used. All the controls are in form of buttons. The timer button has a range between 1 minute to 170 minutes. The timer can be incremented in 1 minute intervals between 0 to 30 and 10 minute increments between 30 to 170 minutes. Other features like function lock, overheat sensor, and automatic shutdown features are also provided. The cookware base can have a dimension of 11″ to fit on the cooktop base. Only induction compatible cookwares can be used for cooking on any kind of induction cooktop. All cooktops whose base is made up of ferrous material (magnetic) can be used on an induction cooktop.
Max Burton 6500 Model ProChef 1800 Watts Commercial Induction Cooktop


  • Max Burton 6500 Model ProChef 1800 Watts Commercial Induction Cooktop

Max Burton 6500 Model ProChef 1800 Watts Commercial Induction Cooktop
Max Burton 6500 Model ProChef – View in

The Max Burton 6500 Model ProChef Induction Cooktop, when compared to the 6530 model, draws only half the power. The power rating of this model is 1800 Watts. This further reduces the number of intermediate levels of power. The one advantage when compared to the other Max Burton commercial model is the power savings. This model has been included in commercial use with the purpose of saving the initial cost and saving power. Another major advantage is that there will not be any kind of scorching as low power levels can be used. The 11″ heating surface is compatible for commercil purposes. The controls are all in the form of buttons and are placed on the front panel. This unit complies to all ETL-US standards and is NSF-4 approved. The product has a total dimension of 17.3 x 13.3 x 4.8 inches and weighs 11 pounds. The cooktop surface is made of glass and the whole body is made of high quality materials. The power levels are between 500 Watts and 1800 Watts. With 10 temperature levels, it varies from 100 degrees F to 464 degrees F. The ease to cook, and affordability are the most mentioned points in customer review. The large cooktop surface can be used to cook on a 12 gallon pot.


Given above are some of the best Max Burton Induction hob reviews. Please read carefully and understand the specifications before choosing the right one. Your choice depends on the cost, size, efficiency, ratings, and all features that you wish to have on the induction cooktop.

Max Burton 6500 Model ProChef 1800 Watts Commercial Induction Cooktop – Review

The Max Burton 6500 Model ProChef Induction Cooktop is mainly meant for commercial purposes. Max Burton has another model, that is used for commercial purposes, the Max Burton 6530 model ProChef induction cooktop. When comparing the 6530 model to the 6500 model, the former has a high power of 3000 Watts compared to the latter which can attain a maximum power of no more than 1800 Watts. Thus, the intermediate power levels have also been reduced. The 6500 model can be useful for making huge meals for catering purposes, or parties where food is to be made for large amount of people. The only difference is in the heating power, where slow cooking is possible in this model than the 6530 model. There will not be any kind of scorching. This unit is very safe to use, and hence is ideal for use in a dorm or assisted living facility as a main cooking appliance.


Apart from this, there are other models of Max Burton which have the same power rating aof 1800 Watts. The difference is in the shape, size and base diameter, along with different control features. Some of these models are reviewed in detail for you to check out and select according to your wish. Some of them are the 6050 model, 6015 model (both of them come with an interface disk), 6400 Digital Choice, 6200 Deluxe and the Max Burton 6000 model.

About the Product

The Max Burton ProChef 6500 Model Induction cooktop has a rectangular top burner with pressing button controls placed on the front panel extension. The buttons include the ON/OFF switch, heating, temperature and timing function buttons, function lock button and the Up and Down arrow keys to change the values of each function. All the values will be displayed on the LED Display. The unit runs on 120 Volts-15 Amps with a frequency of 60 Hz. A power cord 6 ft long is provided with this unit. The product complies to ETL-US standards (UL Standard 197) and is NSF-4 approved. Only induction compatible cookwares can be used on the burner. any cookware bottom that is magnetic can be used on the cooktop. All types of utensils can be used if an induction interface disk is also bought along with this model. If so, utensils made of copper, aluminium and non-magnetic stainless steel can also be used. This will also eliminate the need to replace existing cookware. The operating efficiency will solely depend on the type of cookware used, size and efficiency of the heat transfer. Since the cooktop is made of glass, it is very easy to clean after use.  


  • The 6500 model Max Burton Induction Cooktop has a dimension of 17.3 x 13.3 x 4.8 inches and weighs 11 pounds. The glass cooktop has a dimension of 11 x 11 inches.
  • The cooktop is made from high quality materials and has complied with all the specifications needed for electronic cooking appliances.
  • The front panel consists of the heating button which is used to control the output power. The minimum power setting is 500 Watts and the maximum is 1800 Watts. There are 7 intermediate levels.
  • The temperature range is between 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 464 degrees. There are 10 intermediate temperature settings.
  • The timer button is provided to cook dishes in a desired time. By pressing the timer button it can be activated. The up and down arrows can be used to increase and decrease the timing. From 0 to 30 an interval of 1 minute if provided. From 30 to 170 minutes an interval of 10 minutes is provided. The maximum time setting is 170 minutes. This mode can be used even when either of the heating and temperature modes are on. The timer mode can also be used to turn off the cooktop while switching back and forth between the other two modes.
  • An additional function lock button is also available with this unit. This button helps in stopping accidental changes in temperature or heating power values. By a long press on the button, you can also avoid the unit from being accidentally turning off between cooking.
  • The Max Burton 6500 Model ProChef cooktop is equipped with an improper voltage supply detection. The unit detects an increase or decrease in the supply voltage and automatically shuts down the device to prevent more problems. an overheat sensor is also provided to shutdown the device due to excessive surface temperature due to improper cooking methods.
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Customer Reviews

The customer reviews suggest that the cooktop can handle fast heating precisely at high temperatures and high power. At the same time, slow cooking is also possible at low temperatures, and no type of scorching will ever occur at low powers.  Since the heating burner is 11 x 11 inches of dimension, a maximum of 12 gallon pot can be easily used to cook food. The affordability, and ease to cook are also mentioned in reviews.

Max Burton 6530 ProChef 3000 Watts Commercial Induction Cooktop – Review

When it comes to commercial cooking, the basic mode of cooking that comes to our mind are electrical and gas types. The time these devices take for installing and the difficulty in transportation should also be considered when choosing such a task. This is where, induction cooktops come to use. Until recently, most people saw induction cooktops as a basic unit for heating refrigerated foods, and making an average sized dish for nuclear families. Those times have changed. Now induction cookers can be used to place huge cookwares that can make food for a whole party. Such units are now being used for commercial purposes like parties, buffets, restaurants, canteens and so on. With these points in mind, we present to you one of the best commercial induction cooktop available in the market today: the Max Burton 6530 model ProChef 3000 Watts commercial induction cooktop. This powerful device is stuffed with a lot of features that will definitely make you say goodbye to all other conventional ways of cooking.


About the Product

The 6530 model contains of a top burner portion and a front extension consisting of all the buttons needed to operate the induction cooktop. The buttons include the ON/OFF power switch, along with the very essential three buttons that control the cooking details of the user – the timer, temperature and heating. All these parameter values can be changed using the UP and DOWN arrows. All the values will be displayed in the LED display. Apart from this a LOCK button is also provided. The device works in the standard electrical rating of 220 volts, 15 Amps, and 60 Hertz frequency. The power cord has a total length of 5 feet. The product is built for North American electrical standards. Due to its sleek shape, the cooktop is easy to clean and reuse soon. When compared to other conventional methods of cooking, the overall size of the induction cooktop is very small and thus is very much portable. The burner is only susceptible to heating “induction compatible cookwares”, that is if the utensil is magnetized by the burner top, that cookware can be used. Any kind of utensil, whose bottom that sticks to a magnet can be used. In this case, metal utensils, except for copper clad and stainless steel ones. Mostly used utensils are iron/steel frying pan, iron pot, iron tray, iron enamelware and so on. Please do not use cookwares with a bottom diameter less than 4 inches. The device can be powered up to 3000 Watts.


  • The Max Burton 6530 model 3000 Watts Commercial Induction Cooktop has a weight of 11 pounds and has a physical dimension of 17.3 x 13.3 x 4.8 inches. The whole cooktop body is made up of stainless steel along with durable commercial grade materials.
  • The company specification regarding the cookware dimension is 10″. That is, the base of the utensil used must not have a dimension more than 10″. This diameter is encircled in white on the surface of the cooktop surface.
  • This model has 13 power levels from a minimum of 500 Watts to a maximum of 3000 Watts. This can be changed by pressing the “Heating” button and then changing the watts using the up and down arrow keys. The default reading will be 1200 Watts.
  • Cooking can be done at a desired temperature by selecting the temperature mode. There are 10 different temperature levels starting from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 464 degrees. The default setting of temperature is 210 degrees. The user can switch between heating and temperature modes any time between operation. Both the heating and temperature modes work independently. The previous setting will be maintained by the cooktop while switching between both modes.
  • By pressing the TIMER button on the induction cookware, a red light indicator will turn on at both the places where timer is written on the panel. The timer can be incremented in 1 minute intervals between 0 to 30 and 10 minute increments between 30 to 170. The increments and decrements can be made using the up and down arrow keys. The timer mode can be used in both heating and temperature modes to turn off the cooktop while switching back and forth between modes.
  • A function lock button is also provided in the 6350 ProChef model to avoid changes in the temperature or heating settings by accident. It is also provided to avoid turning off the device accidentally during use. All you have to do is press the lock button for 2 seconds. To unlock, turn off and then turn on the device.
  • The device is also equipped with overheat sensor and automatic shut-off capability. If an excessive surface temperature is detected by the sensor, the device will automatically shut down to prevent further hazards. This is mainly caused by improper cooking styles or cookware malfunctions. If the input power is too high or too low, the device tends to shut off within 1 minute.
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Customer Reviews

A review says that cooking/boiling is done quickly using the 6530 ProChef model. The review also says that this induction cooktop is worth its price, and is easy to clean. But the cons include the comparison of this model to a gas stove. The slow cooking in gas stove is not the same, when using this cooktop. Without regular stirring most food items tend to scorch a little bit, even at minimum temperatures. A positive suggested that a 12 gallon pot can be easily used for cooking. To conclude, this is the best induction cooktop in its category and is definitely worth the price.

Max Burton 6050 Model 1800 Watts Induction Cooktop with Interface Disk – Review

Introducing the 1800 Watts powered induction cooktop 6050 model by Max Burton, which also comes with a stainless steel interface disk that can be used to place any kind of utensil on top of it, and cook without any heat dissipation. This model is a little more smaller when compared to the Max Burton 6015 model, which also has almost the same features as this one. Hence, this model is very well known for its portability and lightweight. This model is suitable for preparing all kinds of homely foods, but may not be of that much use in commercial purpose. A detailed review of this product along with the customer ratings is provided along with this article.



Some other induction cooktop variants of Max Burton include the 6500 ProChef model, the 6400 Digital Choice, 6200 Deluxe, and the Max Burton 6000 model. You may go through these links to find the best Max Burton induction to  choose from. All these variants have small differences in size, shape and specifications. Go through each of them to get an explicit idea. All these models have a power rating of 1800 Watts. Look out for the 3000 Watts powered 6530 ProChef model if you a looking for something more robust.

About the Product

The cooktop is almost square shaped and flat in design. The burner area is black in color and is separated from the non-cooking area with a white color area. This area has buttons that are needed to operate the induction cooktop with the desired settings. The ON/OFF button is one of them, along with the function button, the LED display, and up and down arrow buttons to change values of the function selected. The different functions available are the timer setting function, power adjustment, and temperature adjustment. The 6050 model runs on a household electrical voltage of 120 volts and 15 amps with 60 Hertz AC frequency. The biggest advantage of buying this induction cooktop model is the additional stainless steel interface disk that you get with this unit. The disk is kept on top the top of the burner and is specifically designed for this unit. Any kinds of utensils that the user desires can be used to cook, by keeping it on top the disk.


  • The Max Burton 6050 model weighs 11.3 pounds and has an outer dimension of 12.5 x 13.3 x 2.6 inches. Even with such a small dimension, the outer burner diameter is 10 inches, which is a pretty standard size for placing average sized utensils. The customer reviews suggests that a 3 gallon pot would be the maximum that can be used on this unit. When larger pots with larger diameters are used, it would be better to use utensils that are great conductors of heat, as it would make it easier for the heat to travel to the upper parts of the utensil as well.
  • The function key is pressed to activate the timer option, with a maximum cooking time of 180 minutes. The time is adjusted with the help of the up and down arrow keys. The function can can also be used to activate the power option, where the maximum power can be set to 1800 Watts. There are 10 power levels for the user to operate with. Another setting of the function key is the temperature adjustment. 10 different temperatures can be adjusted beginning with a minimum of 140 degree fahrenheit to a maximum of 450 degrees. All these values will be displayed on the LED display.
  • The 6050 model has an automatic turn off system. If the cooktop is left ON for a few minutes without any cooking utensil on top of the burner, the device automatically recognizes this fault, and will turn OFF within a few minutes.
  • It also has an overheat sensor, that detects any kind of heat rise due to electrical failure or other mishaps and warns the user accordingly.
  • The interface disk is made of stainless steel and has a heat resistant handle to hold. The disk is equipped to use all kinds of induction compatible cookwares that are made of iron, aluminium, glass, copper, porcelain, and stainless steel. There will not be any kind of heat loss, as the heat is directly passed from the disk to the utensil above.
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Customer Reviews

The positive reviews are mostly about the cooking speed, small size, high temperatures, and so on. Most of the reviews are positive, except for some people who claim that this product does not have a life more than 2 to 3 years. But their reviews also suggest that they have used it extensively at high temperatures and high power. When it comes to homely use, there is no doubt that this product will last more years. One customer has complained about the insufficient strength of the disk. He prefers to use iron clad utensils rather than placing cookwares on top the disk.

Max Burton 6015 Model 1800 Watts Portable Induction Cooktop Stove and Interface Disk Combination Set – Review

The 6015 model Max Burton induction cooktop is the best product to go for, with added bonuses like light weight, portability, and the interface combination set, which is the best feature of all. The flat shaped, easy to use induction cooktop has enough and more positive reviews, like no other induction cooktop has. We will be reviewing all the product with all the information in detail.


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About the Product

The Max Burton 6015 model cooktop is square shaped with the buttons placed at one end for safe use. The maximum power consumption of this device is 1800 Watts. The buttons include the ON/OFF switch, the function button, and the UP arrow and DOWN arrow. The function button is used to change 3 major functions of the induction cooktop: power, temperature and timer settings. Once the desired function is selected, their values can be changed using the UP and DOWN arrow keys. The values selected will be displayed in the LED display. The added bonus is the interface disk combination set along with the induction cooktop. This flat disk can be placed on top of the burner so that any type of cookware can be used to cook, by placing on top of the disk. There will not be any kind of heat loss by such an action. The whole heat will be transferred correctly from the stainless steel disk  to the utensil placed for cooking. The disk can be moved using a heat proof handle. The product is most useful for catering purposes, buffets, dorms, and home or assisted living housing. This unit is designed to operate on 110/120 volts and will require 15 amperes of current and 60 Hertz AC.


  • The Max Burton 6015 model portable induction cooktop weighs a total of 11.3 pounds and has product dimensions of 14 x 14 x 4 inches. The stainless steel disk has a thickness of ½ inches and has other measurements of 8 x 15. Though the overall weight of the cooktop and the disk may feel heavy, it is ideal for party uses, since it is small in dimensions. The diameter of the cooking area is a standard 10 inches, and the entire surface area is 10.5 x 11.5 inches.
  • The cooking area has a diameter of 10″ which will be the maximum diameter of the cooking pan base. Since the heat produced due to induction is equally distributed from the surface to the cookware used, the dimensions of the cookware can be a little more bigger.
  • The function key, when selected in the power mode can be used to control the power in 10 different levels.
  • When the function button is changed to temperature mode, you can select the desired temperature for cooking from a minimum of 140 degrees fahrenheit to a maximum of 450 degrees. There are 10 different temperature levels starting with 100, 150, 210, 250, 280, 320, 360, 390, 430, and at last 450 degree fahrenheit.
  • The function button can also be set to timer mode, with a maximum setting of 180 minutes.
  • The induction interface disk allows you to use all types of utensils including aluminium, glass, copper, porcelain, and stainless steel.
  • The unit is provided with a cookware detection sensor, which automatically turns off the device, if no utensil is kept on top of it for cooking, within a particular period of time.
  • The unit is also equipped with a overheat sensor, which turns of the device, if abundant heat is produced due to internal circuitry fails or any other problems.
  • As long as a cookware with induction compatibility is used, the cooking process will be fast and smooth. cookwares with a ferrous base that sticks to magnets are all considered induction compatible.
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Customer Reviews

One review says that when an iron based utensil is placed on the cooktop, the temperature will be steady according to the desired settings, and that it doesn’t turn on and off when the set temperature is achieved. A negative review suggests that the in built fan starts to get  a little noisy and annoying when the burner is turned on for more than 10 minutes. The user also says that at such an instance, the fan only turns off after 3 minutes of shut down. Another review says that the cooking speed for this unit is incredibly high and that the temperature control for this device is highly responsive. Other reviews suggest the easy controls, sleek design, large cooking area, and many more.

Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop – Review

Max Burton 6400 Induction Cooktop is a beautiful product that has brought life to many kitchens with its superior functionality and features.


This cooktop is sleek and portable giving it a nice look and feel. The dimensions of the product are 13.5 x 12.5 x 2.6 inches. It weighs 7.8 pounds. It is pretty light compared to most other cooktops. It is black in color with stainless steel border which gives it a premium look and feel. It has an angled control panel, different from the flat one I see in most of the other cooktops. This control panel has an LCD display at the center with multiple touch modes (This is one of the few with a touch control panel). The LCD display makes it much easier to operate with various adjustments. This is a single burner cooktop and its top covering is made of ceramic glass which gives flawless performance. It has two circular patterns on top to place the cookware correctly. It can accommodate cookware ranging from 4.5″ to 10 inches in diameter. The cookware must be made of induction compatible materials. That is, the base of the cookware that comes in contact with the cooktop must be made of ferrous materials, so that the device will function properly.

There are 10 heat mode settings and 15 temperature mode settings. Additional boil and simmer buttons are available for specific purposes.




Max Burton a commercial based induction cooktop variant with the same power rating of 1800 Watts called the 6500 ProChef Induction Cooktop. he controls and specifications are more befitting for a commercial purpose cooktop. Read the well written review to know more about it.

You may also go through other variants of Max Burton with 1800 Watts power:

These links have detailed reviews regarding their size, shape and unique features. Please go through them


The Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop is very light(7.8 pounds) and easy to carry around. The compact structure takes up less space and is ideal for those who have less space. It is going to be your best partner in kitchen.

Energy Efficient

This Cooktop takes up vey less energy and is a saviour when it comes to energy consumption. Its various temperature and power settings allows you to choose the right setting for your cooking without wasting energy.

Features and Technical Specifications

  1. Cleaning the mess is no more an issue with the ceramic finish.
  2. Utensils with a diameter of 10″ can be used for cooking.
  3. Easy to operate with simple touch settings.
  4. Quick response time of heating and cooking.
  5. There are 10 heat mode settings ranging from 500 W to 1800 Watt.
  6. The temperature settings are from 100oF to 450oF and it can be incremented in 25o
  7. There is a timer which is programmed for 180 minutes.
  8. LCD control panel with increase and decrease options for temperature.
  9. The Cooktop uses a 15 Amp power supply.
  10. The touchpad is digital with various indicator levels.
  11. Comes with a single burner.

What You May Not Like

According to some customers the simmers cannot go on for a long time (because it has a 3 hour safety turn off feature) like 72 hours. The power cord is a bit stiff which becomes a problem for few people. But even these few minus points cannot stop this marvel product from creating hype due to its efficiency and portability.


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Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 84 customer reviews who are extremely delighted with this convenient cooktop. Many happy customers are satisfied with the portability of this cooktop especially those who needed something compact for their kitchen. They felt that the temperature controls are perfect and can be adjusted easily to suit daily needs. The fast cooking and the quick heating time have saved many people from the long hours of cooking. The simmer and boiling options have made people even more pleased and with these easy controls boiling milk for many is no more a fuss. According to several people, this cooktop can be simply stored in the cabinet while not in use.

The burner size is also pretty large which allows cooking in bigger pots and brings smile to the happy buyers. Since it takes up less energy, people are satisfied with the energy saving and the electric bills.

Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop Review

Technology is ever evolving, it is not just for smartphones and tablets but for cookers as well. People nowadays don’t depend on gas burners as they did many years ago. When it comes to cooking people prefer to use induction cooktops as it saves a lot of time and is much much safer than cooking with fire. Aervoe Industries, Inc. has come up with their new induction cooktop the Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop which is faster to cook on, safer than a gas burner, less costly and easier to clean afterwards.





The Max Burton 6200 Deluxe a very stylish and elegant look that will surely attract anyone. It consists of a stainless steel body and the surface of the induction cooktop is dark in color. Four plastic legs are below the unit to provide a steady grip. It also has a short control system and a LED display at the side of the induction burner. It is very compact in size measuring 13.3 inches long, 12.5 inches wide and 2.6 inches tall. It is very light, weighing only 8.1pounds, making it easy to carry for picnics or any outdoor using.

Power Rating

The machine runs on 110/120 volt power, which is standard for all households making it energy efficient. It also has 10 different power settings ranging from 200 to 1800 Watts. This setting gives the induction cooktop a controllable temperature range of 100 degree Fahrenheit to 450 degree Fahrenheit making it perfect for cooking a variety of different items of food. It also has a built-in timer which can be set between 1 minute to 180 minute so that you don’t have to wait while your dish is being prepared and do not have to use an external timer.

Energy Efficiency and Safety measures

This induction cooktop is more energy efficient. It has an overheat sensor which enables it to detect on itself if overheated. It also has an in line fuse and auto unsuitable cookware detector. As induction cooktops don’t use any fire it is safe for both the young and the old.

Features and Specifications:

  • 10 varying power levels ranging from 200 to 1800 watts.
  • Two rings are marked on the induction cooktop surface. They have diameters of 5″ and 9″. That is, utensils with diameters up to 9″ can be used for cooking.
  • The temperature of the induction ranges from 100 degree Fahrenheit to 450 degree Fahrenheit making it a versatile cooking machine where one can cook different cuisines.
  • It has a very compact style and design making it perfect of outdoor cooking.
  • Automatic timer available and time can be set between 1 minute to 180 minutes.
  • 5 feet cord available making it easy to handle.
  • Over heat sensor, in-line fuse and LED display.
  • Digital display with which timer, temperature and power levels can be measured.
  • Unsuitable cookware detector notify you if any cookwares that are not made up of a ferrous base is placed on the induction cooktop. The device does not turn ON if induction compatible utensils are not used.

What Customers Say?

The Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-watt Induction Cooktop has received a total number of 522 reviews on out of which 81% of the customers have it rated 4+ stars.  According to the customers the stainless steel body makes it safer to work on. For some, it heats faster and hence saves a lot of time from cooking making it both energy efficient and time saver. They also comment very positively on its light-weight, compact design.

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Things You May Not Like

Some of the customers mention that it has few drawbacks. In their opinion the heating system in somewhat centralized which gives an uneven heating at low temperature. Yet it doesn’t alter the food quality as at the end the result seems to be satisfactory.

What You Will Like About It

With the sleek design and light weight it can be easily carried. The different temperature levels gives versatility to the usefulness of the product. It has a very impressive power range and the auto builtin timer makes cooking easier. This induction cooktop has many great features and is available at a good price.

Max Burton 6000 Model 1800-Watts Portable Induction Cooktop Review

Induction cooktops are generally favored in comparison to other cooking appliances, since they conserve energy and perform a wide range of functions at an affordable cost. Easy to use and clean, the 6000 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop, which is black in color is an innovative appliance introduced by Max Burton. Cooking is now free from risk due to presence of advanced safety features of this modern cook top.


This 1800-Watt Max Burton countertop cooktop is one of the induction cooktops with the simplest design. The base has 4 small feet, which hold this cooktop in place on any surface, preventing it from slipping and moving while food is being cooked. Along with its compact size and design that makes this device innovative and portable, the design of this induction cooktop is quite simple.



Max Burton has a commercial range of cooktop that has a whopping 3000 Watts and hence is extrmemely powerful enough for fast cooking and pre-heating. The model called the 6530 ProChef, though high in wattage is engineered to provide high efficiency as well. Another commercial variant is the 6500 ProChef model, which though has only 1800 Watts power rating is known to be handy and portable.

Other variants that are mostly designed for home purposes by Max Burton include:


The surface of this cooktop is marked with patterns that show how and where the cookware should be placed according to their different sizes. The cooktop has a 5″ diameter mark and a 9″ diameter mark. This cooktop is rectangular in shape and the control panel is placed at the lower right corner. It is placed outside markings on the device making it safe for users to cook without risk of burning. The buttons and the screen showing temperature settings are placed on a grey colored panel, while this cooktop is black in color. The buttons are highlighted as they are yellow in color, making it fairly easy to spot them.

Power based cooking mode

The levels of power consumption of this Max Burton 6000 induction cooktop vary from 400 watts to 1800 watts. The 600 watts level is missing and wattage is increased at intervals of 200 maintaining a continuous supply of power. These settings in terms of power consumption are similar to temperature settings of low, medium and high provided on other devices. The digital display allows power level to be changed according to requirement of a user.

Temperature based cooking mode

Max Burton 1800-Watt cooktop is equipped with 10 levels of temperature, along with an automatic shut down system when the cookware reaches maximum temperature. The varying levels of temperature are 140, 180, 210, 250, 320, 360, 390, 430 and 464, with no fixed intervals between the different levels. This wide range of varying temperature allows a user to simmer and boil at low and medium temperatures while deep frying is possible at comparatively higher temperatures close to the thermal limit.

Since, this cooktop has a sensor to detect the presence of cookware; it supplies heat only when the cookware is present. This reduces power consumption and also makes this device safe, preventing anything other than the cookware from heating. The user must also note that only induction compatible cookwares can be used for cooking on this device. That is, cookwares whose base is made up of ferrous materials can only be used to cook food.

Features and Specifications

  • This incredible cooktop operates on electricity and requires up to 1800 watts of power.
  • Heats instantly with high efficiency and thus saves cooking time.
  • Ten levels of both power and temperature.
  • A control panel with LED display and push buttons.
  • Sensors detecting presence of cookware and temperature, to turn off the device when it reaches the maximum level i.e. 464 degrees.
  • Adjustable heat levels for various forms of cooking.
  • 180 minutes timer to make automatic cooking possible and keeping food warm.
  • Compact and light-weight making this device easily portable.
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What you may not like

Several customers have complaints about the fact that large pans only get heated at the centre and not close to the ends making it difficult to cook using cookware with big diameters. The other features along with a wide range of temperature make up for this deficiency in size, thus users remain satisfied while using smaller cookware.

Customer Reviews

This incredible induction cooktop is available through Amazon and the customers who have already purchased this product have provided feedback and reviews to help others who are seeking to purchase similar products. There are more than 450 reviews for this product and most of them consider it to be the best induction cooktop that they have come across. The cookware presence and temperature sensor keeps a user safe, while the combination of two modes of cooking provide a wide range of cooking options.

It is quiet easy to change from one mode to another and utilizing the power mode one can save a lot on utility bills as the power consumed can be regulated. Along with a timer, automatic shut down system and lightweight compact design this is the ideal product for kitchens with less space, where cooking need to completed quickly and without needing to monitored the whole time.